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IndusInd Bank Business Credit Card

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Benefits of IndusInd Bank Business Credit Card:

Great Business Deals And Offers: IndusInd Bank Business Credit Card

Get incredible discounts and offers on all business expenses like courier, stationery, security services or car rentals and much more with your IndusInd  Bank Business Credit Card.


Total Protect:

With the IndusInd  Bank Business Credit Card we offer you the following complimentary insurance features to make your card usage as safe and secure as possible:


Total Protection: IndusInd Bank Business Credit Card

Total Protection is a unique IndusInd Bank feature that covers you for unauthorised transactions on your card at merchant establishments.

Total Protection covers you for a sum up to the credit limit on your card. Total Protection covers the following:

o    Unauthorised transactions in case of loss / theft of card
We provide an Insurance cover up to 48 hours prior to your reporting the loss of your card to IndusInd Bank.

o    Counterfeit Fraud
In case your card or its details are stolen the IndusInd  Bank Business Credit Card offers you insurance to protect yourself against unscrupulous usage of your card.


Redeem Your Savings Points: IndusInd Bank Business Credit Card

Everytime you use your IndusInd  Bank Business Credit Card, you can earn savings points. Every savings points has a cash value of Re. 0.50 or 1 airline mile. You can choose to redeem your savings points either to cash credit or airline miles as per your need.

* Please note that service tax levied on fuel surcharge (if any) will not be waived and will need to be borne by the cardholders.


Choose your Savings Plan: IndusInd Bank Business Credit Card

Maximize your savings by choosing the savings plan that matches your lifestyle and spend patterns.




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