Federal Bank Personal Loan

Maximum Loan Amount: 

Up to Rs 2 Lakhs

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  • Salaried group (permanent confirmed employees with a future service of minimum one year) 
  • Basic Pay not less than Rs 2,000 Total deduction towards loans including the present loan should not exceed 50 % of gross salary.
  • If husband and wife are salaried and both join the documents, their combined income can be considered for fixing the loan amount. For others annual income should not be less than Rs 1 Lakh and minimum net worth should be double the loan amount.
  • Minimum 100% collateral security is required.
  • Loans to NRIs are to be covered by collateral securities in the name of borrowers it self.


Quantum of finance: Federal Bank Personal Loan

6 time’s monthly salary or 50 % of annual income of previous year


No margin is required.


Up to Rs 50,000 - 30 months
Above Rs 50,000 - 60 months


Apply for Federal Bank Personal Loan

Rates & Interest: 

15.0 % to 22.0 % depending on the clients' profile.


Proof of income: Federal Bank Personal Loan

  • Salaried residents – Salary Certificate and wherever applicable, supported by Form No.16 / IT returns / Tax paid challans.
  • Employees of State / Central Government / Public Sector Undertakings - Where there is difficulty in getting salary certificate, salary slip will be sufficient.
  • Salaried NRIs - Latest Salary slip supported by remittance in NRE account with us & Copy of Identity card issued by Employer.
  • Others - Previous two financial year's IT returns or Audited Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Accounts of the individual / firm / business concern.


Co-obligates & Security: Federal Bank Personal Loan

  • For residents, spouse should join as co-obligant. Collateral security is required to cover the loan amount for non-residents.
  • For NRI's spouse should join as co-obligant and Collateral security in the name of NRI borrowers to cover the loan amount.