As we know, a bank comprehends the value of client’s satisfaction, need and assets and subsequently gives the genuine worth of it at the critical moment through its Gold Loan Facility. ICICI Gold Loan is one of the easy and speedier loans with the reasonable interest rate. It's a hassle-free loan facility with no Equated Monthly Installment stresses and quick approval. Gold loans give funds for expenses such as education, holiday, agricultural requirement or other little essentials. With a specific end goal to grab ICICI Gold Loan, you need to apply here

ICICI Bank is one of the best banks in India. It was founded in 1994. Loans, insurance, finance, banking and wealth management are some financial products of ICICI bank. Gold loan is one of the most provided financial products of the ICICI bank. There are so many banks and non-banking financial companies that provide gold loans nowadays, but ICICI bank is the best. The bank has a very wide area of network and it has been serving the customers with very good and reliable financial services. Furthermore, the bank is providing its services for the last 24 years, so there is no risk of fraud too. Let us understand what a gold loan is?

Gold Loan

Gold loan is a kind of secured loan where a customer pledges his gold as a security to the bank and get the required amount of loan. Gold loan is also known as a loan against gold. Here you have to give some amount of interest to the bank along with the principal amount. The moment you return your loan you will get your pledged gold back. The bank is completely responsible for the security of the gold.

Why Should You Get a Gold Loan?

You can use this amount of gold loan to fulfill your personal needs. A personal need can be anything, whether related to a wedding or education. It can be related to your business or the agricultural activities. Bank doesn’t put any restriction on the use of the loan amount.

Besides that instead of keeping your gold jewelry in your home locker, you can put it in o the bank’s locker under security and can get loan benefits. Bank won’t charge any money for the security of your gold. And furthermore, you can make use of this amount of gold loan to get a financial boost.

Features of ICICI Gold Loan

Instant Gold Loan: Against gold ornaments, the bank sanctions gold loan quickly. The sum of loan ranges from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 15 Lacs. The amount of sum can be availed over the counter rapidly.

Gold Coins: The loan can also be availed against the security of 24-Karat gold coins which holds complete purity issues by banks operating in India. However, the weight of the gold cannot exceed more than fifty grams per customer.  The rules are laid down by RBI and are subject to change.

Loan Tenure: When it comes to avail a gold loan then it holds minimum duration of a half year to a most of extreme of a year.

Attractive interest rates: the Fascinating rate of interest: On per gram of gold, the borrower can get the fascinating interest rate. Take a glimpse at the gold’s recent running interest rate.

Value for Gold: The professional will figure out the valuation of borrower’s gold.

Safety and security: After figuring out the valuation of gold, the professional puts the gold in a sealed pouch, packs it and safely places it in the vault of the bank. The procedure takes place in the presence of the client. This makes sure that borrower’s gold is entirely safe and secured in the bank’s property.

Approval duration: Within 30 minutes, you can get the loan.

Bank provides special offers to the previous account holders.

Maximum LTV ratio is 75% and it is fixed by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

Some banks offer higher rates of interest for shorter tenure and lower rates of interest for longer tenure but ICICI bank doesn’t do so. The tenure for the gold loan is fixed for all customers. It is 6 to 12 months.

The bank provides gold loan for agricultural activities at lower rates of interest.


  1.  There are some eligibility criteria to get an ICICI bank gold loan.
  2. The age of the applicant should be more than 18 years.
  3. The applicant should be a citizen of India.

Documents Required

Identity Proof:Driving license’s copy/Form 60 or Form 61/Election ID card/PAN card/Aadhar card/Passport’s copy/Ration card. While applying for a gold loan, you can show any of these documents. These documents contain personal details of an applicant.

Address proof: Driving license’s copy/Aadhar card/Ration card/ If you’re residing in a rental property the rental lease agreement is must including a bill which holds landlord’s name (bill shouldn’t be three months old).  Address proof helps in verification.

In case of the agricultural loan up to Rs. 1 lac land holding evidence is a must

Two photographs (passport sized)

Quality of Gold

  1. ICICI bank accepts only gold of 18 carats to 22 carats.
  2. Bank accepts gold jewelry and gold cons weigh less than 50 grams.
  3. Besides that minted coins are not accepted.
  4. Applicant should have minimum 10 grams of gold to get a gold loan.


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ICICI Bank presents “Loan against Gold”, specially designed to provide liquidity against gold in any form without having to sell them. ICICI Bank or the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India is one of the leading banks in the country as a provider of loans and investments. They are the second largest bank in India with a branch network of about 4,865 branches and as many as 14,363 ATM machines installed all over the country. They have a global presence in nearly 19 countries at the present. The bank was awarded the Most Admired Infrastructure Debt Financer and PPP Project in the country.

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Why ICICI Gold Loan?

ICICI is one of the leading providers of financial services in the country. The bank provides loan against gold at the cheapest interest rates. There are many people who need a Personal Loan or Business Loan. However, due to their non-eligibility, they are unable to avail them. Gold loan is the best option for them. ICICI Bank provides Gold Loan with minimum documentation and in lesser time. Before applying for a loan, it is best to compare the Gold Loan Interest Rate to get the best deal.

Highlights of Gold Loan

  1. Get instant Cash on your Gold Ornaments and Jewellery
  2. Get higher loan amounts (depending on the purity of gold and net weight of the gold)
  3. Get your loan approved in just five minutes
  4. Minimum Requirements: One recent ID (Voter ID/ Ration Card/ Driving License/ Passport)
  5. No processing fee

Interest Rates

ICICI Gold Loan’s Charges and Rate

 Processing Fee: The bank’s processing fee is minimal. The charge required at the loan application’s processing. These charges remain at 1.0 percent of the loan sum for both a half product and a year product.

Pre-payment fee: This is basically a facility that the bank offers to the customer in which a person can return the whole sum of the loan before completion of the fixed repay duration. In any case, certain things are to be remembered before deciding on this option. Pre-payment expense for a half year will be charged if there should arise an occurrence of the conclusion of the account inside 5 months and a pre-payment fee/expense for a year will be charged in the event of the conclusion of account inside 11 months.

Documentation Charges: The bank demands Rs.199 if the loan is connected for a time of a year and no charge if the loan is grabbed for a time of a half year.

Renewal Fees: The bank charges certain renewal fees on the off chance that the candidate needs to renew his/her current loan with the bank. Be that as it may, the charges differ contingent on the measure of the loan. For loan sum i.e. more than 1 lac, the bank charges Rs. 250 whereas Rs. 350 for a loan that resides between Rs. 1 lac to Rs.2 lac. If the loan is more than Rs. 2 lac then Rs. 500 will be charged.

Stamp duty and statutory charges are also a part of the bank. Service tax and other charges are likewise pertinent.

The above-mentioned fee and rates are not pertinent for agrarian agricultural loans more than Rs.25000 per client.

Loans & Advances - Indicative Lending Rates
updated on July 2018
Retail Loans
Type of Credit Facility Interest Rate Processing Fee*
Agriculture Allied Agricultural Non-Agriculture
Loan Against Gold Ornaments & Gold Coins 11% 12% 12.5% 1% of the sanctioned amount


Those who are not- eligible:

  1. Pawn-Brokers
  2. Bullion items like gold bars and biscuits, etc.
  3. HUF, sole-proprietorship concerns, partnership firms, corporate and co-operatives
  4. There are many features and advantages of gold loans. A lot of banks provide gold loans with varied features and advantages that it becomes confusing to choose the right product. Online comparison of these products is the best way of finding the product that suits them. One can also apply online for a gold loan on our website or on the web portals of the providers.


  1. If you are going to apply for an ICICI gold loan online then you are advised to get to apply on the website of There are some benefits.
  2. Your loan will be approved very easily and disbursed very quickly.
  3.  You will get a proper guidance from the experts.
  4. Furthermore, you will get a document pickup facility from your doorstep.
  5. For more information, you can call on 60011600.

Secured or Unsecured

Gold loan is categorized in the category of secured loans because while getting a gold loan we pledge our gold to the bank as a security, and if we don’t repay our loan on time the bank is liable to sell the gold and recover the old loan amount.

How a Gold Loan is Different from the Personal Loan?

The gold loan is different from the personal loan because the gold loan is a secured loan and offers low rates of interest to the customer, however in case of a personal loan the scenario is quite opposite. The personal loan is unsecured and so the rates of interest are quite high.

Role of CIBIL Score

CIBIL Score plays an important role in a gold loan. Basically, a CIBIL score tells about the behavior of the customer’s banking. But if your CIBIL score is less than 550 then you won’t be able to get a gold loan because it shows that you are not serious with your financial life or you have made something very wrong in your banking.

ICICI Gold Loan Calculator

With the help of the ICICI gold loan calculator, the customer can easily check the interest rate on the required amount for the given tenure. With the help of this feature, the customer can have an idea about the total interest rate, the amount of loan that heshe have to pay eventually and other calculation. This helps him to decide the amount of loan and the tenure of the loan. the applicant is always advised to use this feature before applying for an ICICI gold loan.


The procedure is quite simple and easy. It includes very few steps. First of all the customer has to apply online on with all the required information.

After that, the bank checks the eligibility of the applicant, if the bank finds you eligible then you have to go to the bank with your gold and some basic documents.  Thereafter the valuation of your gold, the bank provides you the gold loan according to the quality and the quantity of your gold.

Can a person have a gold loan if he/he already having some other loan?

Yes, if the CIBIL score of the customer is good and he/she is managing those loans properly then he/she can have the gold loan sidewise easily.

ICICI Gold Loan Repayment Method

A customer can repay the amount of gold loan in any of the following ways:

  1. By cheque
  2. By Cash
  3. By DD (Demand Draft)
  4. By funds transfer

Residence Proof should be recent?

Yes, the address proof is required to be recent while applying for the gold loan. it should be the place where you ar recently residing, whether it is your own house or rented.


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