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The loan that offers funds to people by placing gold as security with the lender is termed as a Gold Loan. It is a loan that provides immediate and quick cash to people in times of need. It is a simple and safe loan scheme that can be availed by any person who is in urgent need of cash.

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Why one should choose Gold Loan in Jammu?


  • The applicant has to pay only the rate of interest during the tenure of the loan.
  • The Loan amount is to be paid at the end of the tenure.
  • It is a secured loan that demands gold assets to be pledged with the lender.
  • The loan amount is based upon the quantity of gold provided by the customer.
  • The processing time is less as it hardly takes 15 minutes to acquire the money.


Gold Loan Scheme Loan Tenure / Period Rate of Interest (p.a.)
TrueValue Loan  12 months 12.5 % to 15.5 %



About Jammu:

Jammu is the northernmost state in India. It is the one of the three administrative divisions within Jammu and Kashmir. This city is  officially called Jammu-Tawi, is the largest city in Jammu and the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It is also known as "City of Temples" as it has many temples and shrines.


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