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Gold Loan Moradabad

Gold has its absolute value in this world. It is an auspicious metal to buy during any festive season. However, it can also be used during any financial crunch. A person can easily utilize the power of Gold with the help of Gold Loan. It is a loan that can only be achieved by putting Gold as collateral.

Gold Loan Highlight

1. Easily available
2. Minimal Documentation
3. Fast Loan Approvals
4. No credit checks
5. No hidden charges
6. Simple Procedures

Gold Loan Moradabad Interest Rate 

1. First of all, The interest rate of this service starts at 10.5%-12% p.a.
2. Secondly, The financial organizations provide these loans for 1 to 4 years.
3. Thirdly, The pre-closure charges are in between 0% to 2% of the value of the loans.

Features of Gold Loan Moradabad

1. Safety of Gold:  Of course the security of your Gold ornament is more in banks due to the proper security systems, unlike our homes.
2. Fast Process:  Gold Loan is a type of secured loan. Therefore, you can get a loan processed in as quick as 30 minutes
3. Overdraft Facility:  The applicant has the option of overdraft facility that allows the applicant to enjoy cash flow anytime as per the needs.
4. Low-Interest Rates: Another feature is the rate of interest is very less in comparison to other services provided by the banks and NBFC’s
5. No Processing Charges: Surprisingly, the bank does not charge any extra cost for applying for a gold loan.
6. Less Documentation: The formalities that are to be completed are very less due to the type of service this is.
7. Flexible Tenure: Last but not least, the applicant can choose the tenure depending upon the need.

Gold Forms Accepted 

The applicant who wants to avail a Gold Loan should keep the following things in mind:
1. First of all, Gold Jewelry include Bangles, necklace, earrings or any other form of jewelry.
2. Also, Gold Coins are not approved for a Gold Loan.
3. Finally, Bars of Gold also cannot be used.

Gold Loan Moradabad Process

1. The bank checks the purity of the gold.
2. The bank verifies the market rate for gold and the price of the previous day is take into consideration
3. The LTV (Loan to Value) set by the RBI is 75%.
4. If you have acknowledged the Gold loan amount and terms, the lender processes the application. The processing fees & other charges deducted from your Gold loan amount.
5. After signing the agreement, the loan amount is disbursed to your account.

Eligibility for Gold Loan Moradabad

1. Firstly, the age of the applicant should lie between 18 years to 70 years.
2. Secondly, the applicant should be a citizen of India.
3. Next, The quality of gold should be from 18 Carat to 22 Carat to get a loan.
4. Also, Another equally essential criteria are the weight of gold which should be more than 10 grams.
5. Furthermore, Anyone can apply for a Gold Loan whether you are a salaried applicant or self-employed.
6. Finally, To avail a Gold Loan on agriculture land, one has to submit the land proof to the bank.

Documents Required for Gold Loan 

The documents should be particularly from the following options
1. Applicant Identity Verification Documents can be amongst the below  documents (ANY):
Passport (Valid Copy of passport both front and last page)
Driving License (Copy of Driving license which is valid)
Voters ID card (Copy of Valid Voter Identity Card)
Adhar card (Copy of Adhar Card with current information)
2. Applicant Address Verification Proof can be amongst the below documents(ANY):
Passport (Valid Copy of passport both front and last page)
Voters ID card (Copy of Valid Voter Identity Card)
Driving License (Copy of Driving license which is valid.
Adhar card (Copy of Adhar Card with current information
Utility Bills on the name of the applicant)
Sales Tax Certificate
Rental Agreement
Signature Verification Documents required are namely:
Valid Copy Passport
Bank’s Verification Certificate

How to Apply for Gold Loan in Moradabad?

A lot of services are available through lending institutions thus people tend to get confused while choosing the best deal for themselves.
1. Firstly, visit
2. Secondly, you have to fill the Online Gold Loan form with some basic details on the above page.
3. Thirdly, we call you back with the best Gold loan offer to you.
4. Next, we assure you that we will provide you with the lowest interest rate on the gold loan as compared to other loans.
4. Moreover, enter your city code and call us 600-11-600 or 9592046860 for more details.

About Moradabad 

The city of Moradabad is a municipal corporation in Moradabad district, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. To get Gold Loan Moradabad is very easy, you have to apply for an online gold loan with Dialabank as well as we assure you the quick process. Apply for the Gold Loan now and grab the best deal today. Unmatchable offers, features, and benefits are available. Apply now and grab the best deal.


Gold Loan Interest Rate In Moradabad
Bank  Interest Rates
HDFC Bank Gold Loan 10.00% - 14.50%
ICICI Gold Loan 10.00% - 16.10%
Muthoot Finance Gold Loan 12.00% - 24.00%
Axis Bank Gold Loan 14.50% - 17.00%
Manappuram Gold Loan 19.00% - 26.00%
Yes Bank Gold Loan 10.00% - 15.99%
Bank of India Gold Loan 19.00% - 26.00%
Federal Bank Gold Loan  11.75% - 13.50%
IIFL Gold Loan 12.00% - 12.00%
Central Bank of India Gold Loan 12. 90% - 14.65%
Canara Bank Gold Loan 12.65% - 12.65%
Andhra Bank Gold Loan 11.70% - 10.45%
Induslnd Bank Gold Loan 11.15% - 15.75%
PNB Gold Loan 10.75% - 11.75%
Bajaj Finance Gold Loan 14% - 26%
Bandhan Bank Gold Loan 11.5% - 14.5%
DCB Bank Gold Loan 14% - 16%
SBI Gold Loan 11.05%-15%
Indian Bank Gold Loan 10.00% - 15.99%
UCO Bank Gold Loan 19.00% - 26.00%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Gold Loan 11.75% - 13.50%
Syndicate Bank Gold Loan 12.00% - 12.00%


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