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IndusInd Credit card provides you the exclusive world that provides the world class service in this field. It is intended to add value to your business and your personal life. They are providing conveniences and lifestyle benefits to credit card owners.


Credit Card contains a magnetic strip that contains the secured information and personal identity of the card owner. It also includes photographs of card holder and this card can be used at ATM’s (Automatic Teller Machines). Different card providers and banks are providing their cards to different people. Credit card helps a person to buy everything with ease and to pay the bills that are not easy to pay at that instant.


Benefits of IndusInd Credit Card :


Maximum Credit Card:


Avail up to Rs 10 lakhs as credit limit.



Interesting Business Savings:  

You can save your business expenditures with the help of our unique features and different partner tie ups. These features includes:


1)  1 % cash back on air expenditure.

2) 1 % cashback on the utility bill payments.

3)  Petrol Surcharge waiver.

4) Surcharge waiver on rail tickets.


Whole of the benefits are discussed as below:

Spend category

Estimated Annual Expenses

LIC Credit Card Business Gold Credit Card Offer

Business Savings

Air ticket

Rs. 30,000 (6 Air tickets @ Rs.5,000 per ticket)

Cashback (Max Rs.500)


Rail ticket

Rs.6,000 (6 Rail tickets @ Rs. 1,000 per ticket)

Surcharge waiver
(Max Rs.500)


Utility Bill Payments


Cashback (Max Rs.500)




Surcharge waiver 








Other facilities that are available:

Revolving Credit facility: A person must pay a minimum amount of Rs 200 that is 5 % of the total bill amount. It can be a higher amount that is convenient to carry forward. This facility can be availed by just paying 3.25 % per month.


Interest Free Credit facility: An individual can take up to 50 days of interest free period from the date of purchase goods.


Internet Acceptance: The card can accept 23 millions merchant establishments around the world. It also includes 110,000merchant establishments.


Cash in your hand: In any case when person needs cash, just step into any ATM of our bank and withdraw cash up to 30% of your credit limit at very nominal rates.


Zero Liability on Lost Card:  If a person loses their card report it immediately to our bank within 24 hours. After reporting for the lost card, person can carry with zero liability on lost card. 

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