About Bank of India

Bank of India was formed on 7th September 1906 by a group of businessmen, originally from Mumbai. The Bank was under private ownership and control till July 1969 when it was nationalized along with 13 other banks. Beginning with a single office in Mumbai, with 50 employees, the Bank has made a rapid growth over the years and has grown into an institution with a national presence and voluminous international operations. In business volume, the Bank occupies a premier position among the nationalized banks. The Bank has 4828 branches in India spread over all states/ union territories including specialized branches. These branches are controlled through 50 Zonal Offices. There are 56 branches/ offices and 5 Subsidiaries and 1 joint.

What is Personal Loan?

A personal loan is simply an unsecured loan taken by the people through bank and non-banking financial company (NBFC) to meet their personal needs. The loan will be availed on the basis of income, credit score, and history of employment history, repayment capacity. As it is not similar like an auto loan or a home loan where you don’t have to keep any assets to get the loan. You can use this online service to access the loan for personal needs. And also you will get to know your interest to be paid before applying for it.

Why Choose Bank of India Personal Loan?

A time of intense difficulty or danger could arise to anyone problem keeps on coming, sometimes unexpected expenses, illness and adding things to your home numerous reasons are there to take a personal loan. In this loan, banks do not keep on a continuous record of it. Therefore, you can make a use of this money in anything. The personal loans from Dena Bank have a fast loan approval process,  which takes only 48 hours to complete the disbursals.

  1. It is Easily Available: Bank of India personal loan is easily available at all of the bank branches throughout the country. This is not expensive too and comes as a great deal of profit to succeed in your time of need.
  2. Minimum Documents: The bank looks for the less documentation as it does not keep anything for the validity of something.
  3. Fast Approval: Personal loan has come in today’s life with a fast loan approval. Now loans will be approved within 24 hours with no stress and no burden.
  4. Features and benefits of Bank of India Personal Loan
  5. Flexible Using the Money: Apart from the other loans, the money which you’ll be getting through the personal loan can be utilized anywhere as per your needs. This loan is to deal with the problem arise at home like repairing the home, to pay hospital bills and for the unexpected events.
  6. No collateral: In a personal loan, you don’t have to keep an asset like gold, home or any such thing like security. It is totally easy to use for a great number of people.
  7. Flexible Amount of loan: It depends on the customer financial history and credit report according to it you will get the loan.
  8. Flexible Terms:  1 year to 3-year terms will be given and it is depended on banks to banks.

Bank of India Personal Loan Eligibility

Almost all banks and the Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) give loans to all the customers by satisfying their needs on the basis of some eligibility. Whereas different banks have different eligibility but the most common criteria for most of the bank and NBFC to the customer for a personal loan will be the following.





Min 21 years, Max-60years

Min 21 years, Max 65 years


Min 18000

ITR of 2.5 lac minimum for last 3 years

CBIL Score

Should be 750

Should be 750

ID Proof

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id

Address Proof

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id /Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id /Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill

Employment Tenure

Minimum 1year

Minimum 3years

Minimum Loan Amount

1.5 lacs

2 lacs

Maximum Loan Amount

20 lacs





















Bank of India Personal Loan Documentations

The documents which are required to verify the eligibility to the Bank of India are listed below

  1. Identity Proof: The customer has to prove the identity with the help of Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport, or any other KYC document.
  2. Residence Proof: The residence has to be declared by the help of Aahar Card, Voter Card, any utility bill of last 6 months or by the rental agreement.
  3. Proof of Income: The income can be proven by the ITR and salary slips of the self-employed and employed respectively.

Bank of India Personal Loan Interest Rates

  1. The interest rates provided by the banks are quite affordable. It basically depends on your income and the amount of loan you require.
  2. The Bank of India provides you a loan at an interest rate of 10.75% per annum. These rates are variable to the individual to individual.

Loan amount

Basically, the amount of loan that you get depends on your monthly salary or annual income.

It can be Rs. 1 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs.


You have to return this amount of loan with 36 EMI’s. In simple words, you have to pay 36 EMIs.

Bank of India Personal Loan Tenure

You have to repay the borrowed amount of loan after some period of time. This is called the tenure of the loan. it can be 12 to 60 months.

Why apply for a personal loan at Dialabank?

The banking industry is going to be the 3rd largest in the world by 2025 and a lot of growth will be there in digital marketing and we, Dialabank, help the customer to get a  loan and delivers in time. As Dialabank is linked up with various banks. And It is India’s first financial helpline company it provides loan for its customers. Now users can apply for a personal loan through Dialabank.

  1. Check your Eligibility: We have a calculator so that it will be helpful for the customer to know their EMI.
  2. Instant loan Approval: After submitting all the documents for the personal loan then the customer will get the instant approval.
  3. Doorstep Facility: You will get a document pickup facility from your doorstep.
  4. Responsive: The customer query response is very quick.
  5. No other charges: There are no charges for the guidance of the customer’s queries.
  6. For more information, you may call on 60011600.

How to Apply?

  1. Visit our website in www.dialabank.com
  2. Fill the online application form with the contact number
  3. Submit all the document

Special Note: We do not provide Personal Loan to bad credit holder, but you can fulfill your money requirement with Gold Loan easily.

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