In India, gold is considered as a valuable asset and the people are attached to it to such an extent that we keep gold in lockers. It enhances the beauty of a lady as well as regarded as a status symbol. With the rising inflation and limited income, our short-term needs are not fulfilled. So, to fulfill our short-term needs, Gold Financing is the best suited financial service. The best thing about this loan is that, it requires minimum documentation and its process are very simple.


why gold loan?
  1. Instant disbursal of Gold Loan.
  2. Gold Loans are available up to Rs.1 Crore.
  3. No income and salary criteria.
  4. Minimal Documentation.
  5. Fewer Interest Rates.
  6. 100 % assurance from the bank for your Gold protection.
  7. Less processing time.


Gold Loan in 5 Lowest Rate of Interest

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gold loan procedure

  1. First of all, Apply online for loan against gold.
  2. Afterwards, borrower will have to submit an application form along with his / her valuable Gold asset.
  3. Then the bank will evaluate the real value of your Gold in terms of its purity and weight.
  4. Finally the Loan is sanctioned to the applicant after checking the genuineness of the asset provided.
  5. The whole Gold Loan process takes around.



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