ICICI bank has recently launched the country’s first contactless credit and debit cards.

Now you might be thinking about what a contactless card is? A Contactless card is one which uses the NFC (Near-field communication Technology), enabling individuals to make payment just by taping or waving the card near the merchants’ terminals in lieu of swiping them. NFC is a technology that enables devices to use radio-frequency identification to establish contact while in proximity. It can be likened to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It allows communication between NFC-enabled objects at a minimum distance of 4 centimeters.

So far, the bank has introduced these cards in 3 cities i.e. Mumbai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad and has installed 1200 PoS machines capable of accepting contactless payments in these cities.

The bank has launched two cards with the new technology - the Coral contactless credit cards and the Expressions wave debit cards - and both can also be used as regular cards at all merchant terminals (in other cities), the bank said.