Maserati is an Italian automaker brand working to build elegance, style, boldness and sportiness in the cars. Maserati cars have got fame in manufacturing performance driven bold and luxurious cars. The famous Maserati cars are Ghibli, Quattroporte, Gran Turismo, and Gran Cabrio. These cars have all the luxurious and tempting features with a high price tag. To afford these cars, you may need a financial help. Here is a car loan for Maserati Cars. Get a Maserati car loan at lowest interest rates. Get offers across all the leading banks.

We offer car loan for these Maserati cars:

Ghibli Ghibli: Beautifully sculptured with glamorous lines, Ghibli has drawn the attention of everyone. It has bold and sporty exterior, elegant interior with soft leather and a large space. It has a 3 litre Twin Turbo V6 engine that delivers 20.4 kmpl mileages.
Price: Rs. 1.1 crore

Quattroporte Quattroporte: Maserati Quattroporte has a 330 hp entry level engine that delivers a speed of 263 kmph. It has a sportier look with muscular lines and bold front. The interior will give you a feeling of exclusive and premium lounge with all luxurious features. It gives a mileage of 11.8 kmpl.
Price: Rs. 1.5 – 2.2 crore

Gran Turismo Gran Turismo: Maserati Gran Turismo has a grand appearance. It has an elegant exterior; a comfortable interior and all controls on the fingertip of the driver. It has a 4.2 litre V8 engine that gives a mileage of 10 kmpl.
Price: Rs. 1.8 crore

Gran Cabrio Gran Cabrio: Maserati Gran Cabrio is a versatile, exclusive and spectacular convertible. Inspired by Gran Turismo, it is a four-seater car having an eye-catching look. It has fully alloy wheels, pure leather interior, a furnished roofline, soft fabric rooftop, and maximum comfort with climate control system. The engine of Gran Cabrio is a 90 degree V8 of 4,691 cm3 that delivers 10.2 kmpl.
Price: Rs. 2.0 crore

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