Why ICICI Bank personal loan?

ICICI bank personal loan is one of the best products of the bank.  ICICI Bank is the leading provider of loans and has been performing very well. A personal loan from ICICI can be applied for many reasons, and one does not need to give the reason for taking the loan. ICICI Bank provides personal loans at affordable interest rates and in just 72 hours. This is why a large number of people apply for an ICICI personal loan.

Why should you apply for an ICICI personal loan?

  1. Flexible loan tenure
  2. Quick approval
  3. No collateral required
  4. Easy reapyment options
  5.  Fixed and reducing interest rates
  6. Multi-purpose loan


Features of ICICI Personal Loan:

Loan amount Minimum: Rs.50,000
Maximum: Rs. 20 Lakh
Interest rates Minimum: 11.99% p.a
Maximum: 19% p.a.
Loan tenure Minimum: 12 months
Maximum: 48 months
Loan processing charges Up to 2% of loan amount + service tax
Prepayment charges 5% of principal outstanding amount
Late payment charges 2% per month


Information to be checked before applying for a personal loan:

  1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. ICICI Personal Loan Documents
  3. Personal Loan Interest Rates


Avail The Lowest Rate of interest on Personal Loan from ICICI BANK

Personal loan

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Why Should you apply for a Personal Loan?

Many of us often wonder, what is the advantage of a personal finance. A personal finance is an unsecured debt, which means that the applicant does not need to provide any collateral or security to the bank. Also, this loan can be applied for any personal need. The applicant needs not provide the reason for the loan. This loan can be availed for debt consolidation, for medical expenses, education expenses and other such needs. However, the problem that occurs with the personal debts is that since, they do not ask for any security, they charge a Higher Rate of Interest as compared to other loans (Home Loan and Car Loan). The eligibility criteria are very strict. There are many banks that provide personal loans at affordable interest rates, ICICI Bank being one of them.

Some of the factors on the basis of which the banks reject the applications for a personal loan are, the monthly salary of the individual, the credit score of the person, and so on. For checking your eligibility and other information regarding personal loans, you can call us on 600-11-600 anytime. ICICI Bank provides a personal loan within 72 hours after the application has been filed.

About ICICI Bank:

ICICI Bank or the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India is one of the leading banks in the country as a provider of loans and investments. They are the second largest bank in India with a branch network of about 31,000 branches and as many as 10,486 ATM machines installed all over the country. They have a global presence in nearly 19 countries at the present. The bank was awarded the Most Admired Infrastructure Debt Financer and PPP Project in the country. n the market. There has been a near 17% in the provision of finances to the people. The bank made a near profit of about 30% for this quarter. The bank is a pioneer in mobile banking and is trying to provide the best services to the people


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ICICI Personal Loan Calculator Personal Loan Interest Rates
Personal Loan Calculator Personal Loan Interest Rates