These are On Demand Loans for Employees of Central or State Governments, Schools or Colleges or Other Institutions and other reputed Companies or Organization that are approved by bank from time to time.

An Objective of Personal Loan of City Union Bank

To enable people from small functionaries for small personal loans and to the fixed salaried class having repayment capacity.

Apply For City Union Bank Personal Loan

Eligibility: City Union Bank Personal Loan

The Employees who are permanent in Central or State Govt., Schools or Colleges and other reputed institutions or other reputed companies or organizations approved time to time by the bank with a net salary of not less than Rs.5000/- per month.

Amount of Loan: City Union Bank Personal Loan

The loan amount is 5 times the net salary subject to a max of Rs. 25000/-



Purpose of the Loan: City Union Bank Personal Loan

Granted loan for any genuine purpose of the employee such as functions, festivals medical travel and such other bonafide expenses.

Security for the Loan: City Union Bank Personal Loan

The fellow employee to be the Personal guarantee, subject to the condition that the employee does stand and in future will not stand as a guarantor in more than one Loan Account.


Eligibility: City Union BankPersonal Loan

Individuals /Business Concern having a net Salary/Income not less than 5000/- per month and professional/others who earn not less than Rs.75000/-per annum (as per IT return) including those already enjoying credit facilities from the bank are eligible for consideration under the scheme. For the computation of net salary/income, the salary/income of the spouse to be added provided he/she stands as a co-obligant to the loan. For professional one year other income has to be evidenced by order of asst. of IT (or) as per the latest it return duly acknowledged by IT Department.

Purpose of the Loan: City Union BankPersonal Loan

The loan may be granted for the purpose of consumer durables such as Television , Refrigerator, Wet grinders, Furniture's, etc. but not for vehicle or jewels ( Loan is not to be made for the purchase of second hand consumer durables)

Permissible amount of Loan:

10 months net salary / income subject to maximum of RS.50000/- is permissible amount of loan. As already stated, for the purpose of computation of net salary, the salary of the spouse may be added subject to the condition that the spouse will stand as co-obligant to the loan.


10 percent


Articles Hypothecation to be purchased

Third Party Guarantee: City Union Bank Personal Loan

The applicant along with, under the Scheme is to stand as Co-obligantthe spouse / or may other individual fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

Repayment: City Union Bank Personal Loan

Within a maximum period of 36 months the repayment is to be made in equated monthly installments. The period of no moratorium is to be allowed.

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