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General-purpose loan for individuals for meeting their varying needs.

Eligibility State Bank of Patiala Personal Loan

  • State/ Central Govt. employees, employees of Public Sector Undertakings/reputed profit making public limited companies, reputed institutions and MNCs with a minimum service of 2 years.
  • Self employed engineers, doctors, architects, chartered accountants, MBAs with a minimum 2 years’ standing and aged 60 years or below.
  • Pensioners of PSUs/Govt. (Central/ State)/public sector banks including those who have taken premature voluntary retirement and are 60 years of age or below.
  • Agents of insurance/KVP/Mutual Funds etc. with 3-5 years’ standing who are tax assesses and whose gross annual income exceeds `.2.00 lacs and are 60 years of age or below.

Minimum Monthly Income

  • `. 6000/- per month for employees/ pensioners and
  • `. 60000/- p.a. for professionals and self employed individuals as per latest income tax return.

Minimum Loan Amount

`. 25, 000/-

Maximum Loan Amount

18 months Net Monthly Income (NMI)/1.50 time of Net Annual Income (NAI), subject to the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) not exceeding 50% of NMI.


Maximum `. 10.00 lacs in six metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad)


`. 7.50 lacs in other centers.

Other conditions:

  • In the metros of New Delhi (including areas of Gurgaon in Haryana), Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad where a self employed professional maintains satisfactorily conducted account with the branch or salary of individuals is regularly credited to their account with our Bank, a ceiling of `.20 lacs would apply, provided all other terms and conditions are satisfied.
  • For persons who have taken early retirement - `.1.5 lacs.

Processing  Fee State Bank of Patiala Personal Loan

1.10% of the loan amount + service tax


Repayment period State Bank of Patiala Personal Loan

Up to 60 months in equated monthly installments


Documents State Bank of Patiala Personal Loan

From salaried individuals:

?         Latest salary slips and forms 16.

?         Letter of Authority from Employee authorizing the employer to deduct monthly installment out of salary for remitting to bank and

?         Letter of Undertaking from the employer for check off facility OR

?         Letter of Authority from employee/ applicant authoring the Bank to deduct the loan installment out of the salary routed through branch.

From self employed individuals and professionals:

?         IT returns for the last two financial years.

?          Proof of professional qualification:

[Copy of highest professional degree held].

?         Proof of office/commercial address.



State Bank of Patiala Personal Loan Interest Rates:


Personal Loan Scheme  


Personal Loan Scheme


2.25% above BPLR

Where check off facility is not available. 

1.75% above BPLR

 Where check off     facility is available.

75    5% above Base Rate 

 Where check off facility is not available. 

 6.25% above Base Rate

 Where check off facility is available.


Appy For State Bank Of Patiala Personal Loan


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