HDFC Bank Charges From Customers For Inoperative A/C And Cash Deposits

January 10, 2012 Mumbai: You now if you your savings or current account for a year will pay run, second largest in the country. HDFC Bank private sector lender if a customer's savings or current account remains inactive for a year to charge 50 rupees per month.

For more information, see for yourself. If she has more than 100,000 a day at your home branch savings bank deposit Bank in cash during its "non-managed" customer charge. Non-managed clients typically private banking customers who have a relationship with the Bank or money management. Customers do not need all RS 25 RS 50,000 to RS 1 a day cash deposit More than 100,000 will pay your home branch.

These service charges introduced by January 1, 2012 HDFC Bank new set.

HDFC Bank, according to senior officials, and the public sector to review the Bank, the private sector and foreign banking space with their peers after allegations of benchmarking.

"These accusations are not something new. Public sector, private foreign banks, most of them already and based on your customers in charge we found a couple of these charges and therefore decided to apply them logically. For example, we have our savings account customers business objectives using these accounts so not.We go beyond 100,000 rupees a day cash deposit on a House branch levy decided to charge "an official said.

Official "managed clients" most big-ticket transactions, and therefore excluded from the charges that are added.

New service charges also dismissed conviction if a standing instruction, physical regeneration and personal identification (PIN) phone-banking remittance fee to number and consignee's address changes due to allegations of Internet banking, the deliverable is returned.

"Some of these allegations, keeping in mind the customer interest we provided because the scope for fraud increases if there is a physical dispatch their net banking PIN online to encourage our customers. Therefore, this charge was introduced, we know only as consignee. Has changed due to a material negative reasons delivered if charging another official. Bank fraud there, "said a vertical again.

HDFC Bank savings on new and existing fees and charges introduction CAD to amend this calendar year is the first major private bank.

By late October, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was deregulated by 2011 after HDFC Bank savings deposit accounts at interest rates not yet. Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank, Karnataka Bank Ratnakar Bank, and midsized private lenders, including some already in your savings deposit rates upward.

Bank non-quarter basis rather than on a monthly basis for the maintenance of  minimum balance levy penalties.

Then, a regular savings deposit account holder of urban metro or HDFC Bank branch if its average monthly balance between RS 5000 and RS 10000 RS 250 per month would pay if average monthly balance of RS. 5,000 to RS 350 per month charge even less so.

Earlier, bank charges 750 rupees per quarter non-maintenance of minimum balance.

Bank savings accounts average quarterly balance of Rs 50,000 and RS 100,000 in lieu of a fixed deposit retention option is turned off.

Average monthly balance is not maintained, then customers check through just three branch transactions will be allowed, and two cash transactions costs a month free of charge for every extra branch transactions. There shall be charged with 75th RS and RS 100 to every customer will have to pay extra cash transactions.

A private lender also said that if the 500 client stops your savings account to pay within a year, however, if the account will customer within 14 days will not be closed if account 14 days after six months ago and closed earlier, but only 100 of RS account closure.

Photo and signature on unpaid, returned check, address confirmation charges RS 100 per example has doubled.

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