No Appointment of Second Surveyor by Insurance Firms without IRDA?s Permission

January 21, 2012 New Delhi: Insurers reassess region without allowing regulatory IrDA suffered loss by an insurance unit to an appointed second supervisor, the nation's top consumer Forum was held.

National consumer dispute Commission claims its Redresser poultry insurance, according to the compromise settlement loss of 6.5 million first supervisors evaluated by the balance of payments as 2.5 million rupees while ruling upholding.

A bench justice r.c. Jain and S NCDRC Member K Naik "we considered opinion that damage assessment to allow a second supervisor appointed, while the reason for this should be given and only the insurance regulatory and Development Authority (IrDA), through the auspices of".

The new India assurance Jagannatha NCDRC Orissa based arbitrarily on their loss of a company to another assessment on the basis of its claim of balance was withheld by a complaint on alleged Poultries her decision.

The petitioner a cyclone caused whole unit was lost, and the first supervisor appointed by the insurance company at least 65 million of damage was assessed to be satisfied.

The insurer, however, a second supervisor who evaluates the loss at RS 40 Lakhs, and a chicken farm to be appointed, the petition said that was paid.

The petitioner sought a permit as to appoint another IrDA supervisor it was not was not in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act for the second assessment that not valid base form can be satisfied.

Agree with the complainant's contention, NCDRC directed to pay the insurance company poultry farm RS 2.5 million the total amount of its claim for loss of 65 million balance.

It is, however, rejected the "mental agony, torture and loss of business" for 10 million of total poultry farm came to claim.


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