Reliance Industries, Tata Motors among 7 Indian firms in world's 500 largest companies: Fortune

July 23, 2015: According to a list published by Fortune, seven companies of India including Tata Motors and Reliance Industries have got a place among the world’s 500 largest companies.

The 2015 Fortune Global 500 list includes Indian Oil at 119 rank, Reliance Industries (158), Tata Motors (254), State Bank of India(260), Bharat Petroleum (280), Hindustan Petroleum (449) and Oil and Natural Gas having rank 449. Retail giant Walmart has topped the list of 500 companies.


Top 500 List of Companies


This list of Fortune Global has the companies of 36 countries. There are 128 companies of US on this list which includes Apple (15), JP Morgan Chase (61), IBM (82), Microsoft (95), Google (124), Pepsi (141), and Intel (182). China has 100 companies on the list.

While Tata Motors and State Bank of India has improved the rankings as compared to last year; Reliance, Oil and Natural Gas, Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Hindustan Petroleum have faced a downfall in the ranking.

This list has been compiled by considering the total revenue of the companies for their respective financial years.