Black money: ‘Project Insight’ to help Finance Ministry nab tax evaders

July 28, 2015: Finance ministry is now implementing technology to catch tax evaders and is going to roll out a new way named as “Project Insight”. If you are a tax evader, very soon you will be caught in the hands of Finance Department.


Tax Evading


If you are not paying your tax amount as per the rules, you must get familiar with the “Project Insight”. Insight is the project of Finance Ministry that will be used to catch tax evaders using technology. The ministry will buy the data analytics software to keep a track of tax evaders.

It will also rank the tax evaders on the basis of the tax amount. It will make the system easy and convenient, and the authorities will nab the highest tax evader first.

"The challenges faced in widening the tax base are proposed to be handled under 'Project Insight' which will leverage data analytics, alert management and case analytics capabilities to prepare case profiles and select appropriate intervention," Parliament's standing committee on finance said in a report in April.