The Syndicate Bank Personal Loan’s basic purpose is to meet urgent personal credit requirements. Syndsaral loans, fully secured by approved securities (IVP. NSC, KVP, LIC Policies, RBI Relief Bonds etc) with suitable margin, interest to be charged at PLR, personal loan rates are attractive for easy repayment of up to 60 months. The bank is providing so many financial products to the customers who include banking, insurance, loans, credit cards, and online banking. The personal loan comes in the category of loans. Nowadays most people prefer to get a personal loan as compared to other loans.

What is Personal Loan?

A personal loan is a kind of loan that lets you borrow the money from the banks and non-banking financial organization to meet their personal needs. The loan will be availed on the basis of income, credit score, and history of employment history, repayment capacity. In this, you don’t have to keep anything for security. Furthermore, you can use this amount of personal loan to pay your credit card bills, to make your home and for wedding purposes.

Why Syndicate BankPersonal Loan?

Syndicate Bank personal loan provides many advantages and benefits to the people to fulfill their desires by getting the required amount. Syndicate Bank is a leading bank in the country and provides a great deal on a personal loan to customers. At any time the serious problem may occur, and sometimes a sudden sickness you might break into your savings, paying off the previous debts building a home for yourself and for the wedding expenses are the certain reason to take a personal loan. And the best part of it is that the bank doesn’t monitor in the personal loan you can do anything with the money. If you are having a requirement of finance, you can apply for a personal loan from Syndicate Bank.  You can apply for a loan because of the following reasons

It is Easily Available: It is easily available at all the banks and non-financing companies give personal loans to the customers and it helps in the time of need.

Minimum Documents: Less documentation as it does not keep any asset or something.

Fast Approval: Customer like to take a loan where they get instantly approved with hassle-free. So here your loan will be approved within 48 hours.

Personal debts: It provides personal debts in 68 cities till now.

Features and Benefits of Syndicate BankPersonal Loan

Flexible Using the Money: Apart from the other loans, the money which you’ll be getting through the personal loan can be utilized anywhere as per your needs. This loan is to deal with the problem arise at home like repairing the home, to pay hospital bills and for the unexpected events.

No collateral: Apart from the other loans, the documentation procedure is simple and no need for collateral.

Flexible Amount of loan: It depends on the customer financial history and credit report according to it you will get the loan.

Flexible Terms:  1 year to 3-year terms will be given and it is depended on banks to banks.

Loan Disbursal: After the approval of your personal loan the submission of the documents, the process of loan disbursal is very quick.

Sanctioned Loan: If you are eligible your loan gets sanctioned within 24 hours.

No Third party involvement: The loan is directly given to the borrower without an involvement of the third party. It is a relationship between the borrower and the lender.

Hassle free:  Getting a personal loan is now a hassle-free process. Online loan portals have made it more convenient and easy. You can get the loan amount in your account without stepping out of your place.

Person Loan Eligibility

Almost all banks and the Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) give loans to all the customers by satisfying their needs on the basis of some eligibility but not everyone can get a personal loan. There are some criteria on the basis of them the bank provide a personal loan to the applicants. There are some criteria on the basis of them the bank provide a personal loan to the applicants whereas different banks have different eligibility but the most common criteria for most of the bank and NBFC to the customer for a personal loan will be the following.





Min 21 years, Max-60years

Min 21 years, Max 65 years


18000 per month at least

ITR of 2.5 lac minimum for last 3 years

CBIL Score

Should be 750

Should be 750

ID Proof

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id

Address Proof

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id /Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id /Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill

Employment Tenure

Minimum 12 year

Minimum 60 years

Minimum Loan Amount

i.5 lacs

2.5 lacs

Maximum Loan Amount

20 lacs


Documents Required: Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

  1. Salary Certificate / Letter Of Undertaking From The Employer.
  2. Itao For Non-Salaried Class / Property Documents Where Itao Is Not Available.
  3. Third Party Guarantee Acceptable To The Bank.
  4. Valid Mortgage Of Immovable Property/ Pledge Of Securities.
  5. Post Dated Cheques In Exceptional Cases.

Personal Banking Scheme Loans: Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

(A) For Salaried Class (Clean)

(I)If Salary Is Credited At The Branch

Loans / Overdraft


(I) Other Salaried Class

Loans / Overdraft


(B) For Non-Salaried Class



How to avail the lowest personal loan Interest Rates?

Following are the features of lowest interest rates:

Company Profile: The company profile may impact a lot in terms of interest rates. Banks have categorized the companies in different categories. They offer interest rates as per the category of company. So, if you are looking for a good deal, do check your company category.

Online Comparison: A person should do a detailed research online to compare the interest rates of all lenders. It helps the borrower to choose the best lender that suits their requirements. A person can use various tools like EMI Calculator, online comparison portals, loan helplines, etc.

Negotiate with the lender: In case a consumer is already a customer of the lender, then chances of getting a good discount on interest rates will be more.

Co-borrower: If a borrower’s credit rating is low then, the borrower can merge the income of spouse/father/mother to increase the loan eligibility.

Special Benefits For Pensioners and Govt.Employees: Syndicate Bank Personal Loan


* Syndsenior

(Prime Lending Rate (Plr) W.E.F. 01.07.2009 – 12.00% *)

The Loans Are For Salaried And Self Employed And Pensioners.

The Loan Tenure Is 1 Yr – 5 Yrs.

Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate:

12.25% (If Salary Is Credited At Branch)

13.25% For Other Salaried Class, Self-Employed And Pensioners.

Loan Amount: Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

Maximum Up To Rs 300000 For Salaried.

Aged < 65 Yrs: 10 Months Gross Pension With A Maximum Of Rs. 2 Lakhs.

Aged 65-70 Yrs: 6 Months Gross Pension With A Maximum Of Rs. 1 Lakh.

Aged > 70 Yrs: 5 Months Gross Pension-Max. Rs.50000/-,

(For Self- Employed) 50% Of Gross Annual Income As Per Income Tax Assessment

Why apply for a personal loan in Dialabank?

You can apply for an Axis bank personal loan online on the website of You just have to search for Dialabank on the google. After that, you have to search for Axis bank personal loan there. Fill the application form with the basic information of yours and click on apply button. You will get a call back from our side within 5 minutes. You can call on 60011600 too for more information about Axis bank personal loan.

Check your Eligibility: We have a calculator so that it will be helpful for the customer to know their EMI.

Instant loan Approval: After submitting all the documents for the personal loan then the customer will get the instant approval.

Doorstep Facility: You will get a document pickup facility from your doorstep.

Responsive: The customer query response is very quick.

No other charges: There are no charges for the guidance of the customer’s queries.

For more information, you may call on 60011600.

How to Apply?

Visit our website in

Fill the online application form with the contact number

Submit all the document