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SIB (South Indian Bank) is a private sector financial institution with its headquarters at Thrissur City in Kerala state. It is a private bank with almost 756 branches spread across more than 26 states and Union territories of India. It has 854 working ATM’s all over India. Bank serves the customers with so many financial products like loans, insurances, credit cards, and banking. A personal loan is one of them. You can easily get a personal loan nowadays online. Even more, you can apply online at you home within two minutes. The process is very simple and hassle-free.

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is a financial product provided to you by the banks or non-banking financial companies where you borrow the money from the bank or any other lender at some rate of interest. You can use this amount of loan anywhere in your personal life. The lender would not question you on the use of loan amount.

Secured or Unsecured

The personal loan comes into the category of unsecured loans.this is so because the lender provides you the loan on his/her own risk. There is no collateral required in a personal loan. The bank won’t ask you to pledge any property as a security. It is completely based on credit history and your income.


  1. You can use this amount of loan for wedding purposes whether it is your wedding or your children’s.
  2. You can make use of this amount of money to renovate your home.
  3. Home renovation can also be a reason to get a personal loan.
  4. Some people get a personal loan to buy a car too.
  5. Farmers get a personal loan for their agricultural activities.
  6. Besides that, some people get a personal loan to fight with the financial crises. If someone is going through the financial ups and downs than the personal loan is the best option for them.
  7. A personal loan can also be used to meet educational expenses.


SIB Personal Loan Interest Rates:

Loan Quantum Available

Up Front Fee

Repayment Period

Maximum of Rs 3 Lakhs

0.50% of Loan Amount

Maximum of 48 months




  1. For the meeting, any of the personal need Personal Finance is the best solution to cater to all of the necessary funds without any hassle.
  2. No security requirements are there in the South Indian Bank. the bank would not ask you for any collateral or any guarantor.
  3. Easy documentation.
  4. Easy approval within 48 hours.
  5. The South Indian Bank provides a multipurpose loan. you can use this amount of loan to fulfill any of your personal need.
  6. Besides that, your loan will get approved very easily if you are eligible.
  7. After that, the loan is disbursed within two days if you have all the documents.
  8. Bank provides affordable interest rates. You can easily pay them.
  9. Flexible loan terms and conditions.

Who are eligible for SIB Personal Loan?

  1. Age of the applicant should be more than 21 years if he/she is salaried.
  2. If the applicant is self-employed his/her age should be more than 25 years.
  3. The self-employed customer should be paying ITR for last three years.
  4. The CIBIL score of the customer should be more than 650 at least.

Salaried Individuals

  1. Salary: Rs 18,000 Monthly.
  2. Minimum and Maximum Age: 21 and 60 Years.
  3. Work Experience: Overall 3 years and one year of experience in the current job.

*A person getting a salary in cash is not eligible for availing Loan at affordable rates.

Self Employed Individuals

  1. Min and Maximum Age: 25 and 65 years.
  2. An Annual ITR of 2.5 to 3 lakh is required.
  3. Residence: Office or Home should be owned.
  4. Business Stability: Your business should be running from last 3 years with continuous profit.
  5. Telephone / Mobile at the office: Mandatory



Salaried Individual

Self Employed People

Latest 6-month bank statements

Latest 6-month bank statements

Last 2-months salary slips

Last 2 years Balance Sheet

Last 2 year Form 16

Last 2 Years ITR

Photocopy of Pan Card

PAN Card photocopy

Residence & Address Proof

Residence & Address Proof

2 passport size photographs

2 passport size photographs

How to Apply?

Nowadays applying for a personal loan is not that tedious process. You can easily apply for a personal loan online, however, you can apply in an offline way either. But that becomes very tedious and complex process. Applying online for a personal loan is a very time-saving process.

  1. First of all visit
  2. After that fill the application form online.
  3. Fill your basic information like your name, your email address, and your contact number.
  4. You will get a call full of assistance.
  5. There are no charges for this information.

 Advantages of applying for a Personal Loan on Dialabank

  1. First off all the customer’s response is very quick.
  2. After that, before applying directly for a personal loan you will get all the worthy information.
  3. You will get a proper guidance from the experts and it is free of cost.
  4. Besides that, if you apply on Dialabank you will get lower rates of interest on the loan.
  5. Furthermore, you will get a quick approval of your loan and loan is disbursed very quickly too.
  6. One more thing is that if you apply on you will get a free document pickup facility from your doorstep.
  7. You won’t be charged a single rupee for the guidance or the document pickup facility.
  8. You can also compare the personal rates of interest with other banks too.

Who can’t Apply?

  1. A person with a bad credit history can’t apply for a personal loan.
  2. After that, if the age of the applicant is less than 21 years then also the person can’t get the personal loan.
  3. If the applicant is unemployed and doesn’t have any rigid source of income then he can’t apply for a personal loan.

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Special Note: Soth Indian Bank does not provide Personal Loan to poor credit holders, however; one can fulfill their financial requirement with a Gold Loan easily.

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