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People, workers, experts, self-employed and others who are earnings tax analyzes whose net per month earnings is of Rs. 12,000/- for paid individuals or net yearly earnings of Rs. 1,50,000/- in situation of others and self-employed.

AGE:State Bank of India Loan Against Property

  1. Maximum age - 65 years.
  2. Loan Amount Rs. 1.00 lac to Rs. 50.00 lac
  3. Salaried Class - Maximum 36 times net monthly income.
  4. Others-Maximum three times the net annual income.

Loan:State Bank of India Loan Against Property

Term loan or current account overdraft

Security: State Bank of India Loan Against Property

Reasonable mortgage of unencumbered personal house / flat or city professional or business residence in the name and ownership of the client, either self-obtained or unfilled residence. Rental out residence will be approved as security only where rental is on the market in giving preference to organization of good status and reputation. Power of lawyer authorizing the Bank to gather lease should be given.

Margin:State Bank of India Loan Against Property

50% of the market value of the security. Period of Repayment Repayable in 84 equated monthly installments.

State Bank of India Loan Against Property Interest Rate

1.25% of the mortgage amount (one time) INSURANCE. The property being mortgaged should be guaranteed against the chance of fire / earth quake / flooding etc.

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  2. HDFC Loan Against Property
  3. ICICI Loan Against Property
  4. citibank Loan Against Property
  5. Other Banks

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