We all have dreams and desires which we want to full-fill somebody wants to start his south Indian restaurant or someone thinking about an exotic vacation to Hawaii. With personal loan everything is possible. As the name suggests, you can use the loan amount in any way without having to worry about the restrictions. You can use the loan amount to pay your medical expenses, or you can use the loan amount to fund your daughter’s wedding. Bank won’t ask you to specify the reason for taking a loan. In addition to this, a personal loan is one of the fastest and the most reliable way of making a credit from the bank. If you are in urgent need of money, you should get this loan.

About Personal Loan Allahabad

See personal loan is nothing but a loaning scheme in which you as a borrower gets the loan amount from the bank. To avail this loan, you don’t need to have collateral. As a result, this loaning scheme said to be an unsecured way of providing a loan to the customer.  The most important criteria that the applicant needs to full-fill is the good CIBIL score. If your CIBIL or credit score is not good enough no matter what happens your loan request will not be approved.

Why should one choose Personal Loan in Allahabad?

1.    Firstly, this loan comes with an affordable interest rate.

2.    Also, you don’t have to provide any collateral against the loan amount to the bank.

3.    Therefore, the loan amount is dependent on the documents that the applicant provides.

4.    In comparison to another loaning scheme, the loan process of documentation is less time-consuming.

5.    Likewise, the processing fee that the bank requires on a personal loan application is 2-3% of the total loan amount.

6.    Thus, if an applicant full-fills all the criteria bank will approve the loan request within 30 minutes.

7.    These loans come with foreclosure facility meaning you can pay the loan amount back before the tenure period ends.

8.    This feature helps the borrower to save a couple of bucks as the applicant will skip the remaining EMI’s, and it’s the respective rate of interest.

Personal Loan Interest Rates:


When availing for a personal loan you need to keep in mind that once the interest rate gets fixed, it will never change. In addition to this for a personal loan, the rate of interest and the loan amount depends on person to person. You might end up getting a lower interest in comparison to the other applicant who is availing for the same loan amount.


HDFC Bank State Bank of India Axis Bank
 14 % 15 % 15 % - 24 %



How does Personal Loan work?

  1. Firstly, the applicant needs to fill a form to avail personal loan.
  2. Once you filled the form your details get a transfer to the bank. One of the employees will evaluate whether the given information is correct or not.
  3. Also, at this point of time bank will check your income eligibility and find your CIBL score.
  4. If your application meets, all the criteria bank will decide a loan amount along with its rate of interest.
  5. Finally, the disbursal of the loan takes place, and you get your loan amount from the bank.


Eligibilityfor taking Personal Loan in Allahabad

Salaried Individuals:

  1. Salary: Rs 18,000 minimum
  2. Minimum and Maximum Age: 21 and 60 Years.
  3. Work Experience: Overall three years and one year experience in the current job.
  4. Experience with the current employer: At least one year.
  5. CIBIL score: should be more than 750

*A person is getting a salary in cash is not eligible for availing Loan at affordable rates.


Self Employed Individuals:

  1. Min and Maximum Age: 25 and 65 years.
  2. An Annual ITR of 2.5 to 3 lakh is required.
  3. Credit Score: 750 is the minimum criteria to avail this loan.
  4. Residence: Office or Home should be owned.
  5. Business Stability: Your business should be running from the last three years with continuous profit.
  6. Telephone / Mobile at the office: Mandatory


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Documentation for Personal Loan


Salaried Individual

Self Employed People

Latest 6-month bank statements

Latest 6-month bank statements

Last 2-months salary slips

Last 2 years Balance Sheet

Last 2 year Form 16

Last 2 Years ITR

Photocopy of Pan Card

PAN Card photocopy

Residence & Address Proof

Residence & Address Proof

2 passport size photographs

2 passport size photographs


About Allahabad:

Allahabad is a city in the Uttar Pradesh state in India. The city's original name—Prayaga, or "place of offerings," comes from its site at the sacred junction of the rivers the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati. Prayag is the other name of Allahabad. It is the 7th most populous city in Uttar Pradesh


Special Note: Bank does not provide Personal Loan to poor credit holders. However, one can fulfill their financial requirement with a Gold Loan easily.






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