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In India, people are culturally and emotionally attached to gold. Once bought it is kept in lockers. It is like a dead investment. People tend to keep it in lockers and do not use it for the money. One can use it to come over the financial crisis. So whenever one needs money, think of gold and make money.

Gold loan is the loan provided by different banks and NBFCs.  Major Banks like Muthoot Finance, Manappuram Gold Loan, HDFC Bank, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank and many more provide gold loan.

Applying for gold loan is not a new process in India. It has been existing in the Indian market for a long time. Earlier it was into the unorganized sector. Money lenders used gold as collateral for lending money. Now, banks are entering into it as price of gold is touching sky. Therefore, gold can be easily used as collateral. Gold loan is becoming popular option day by day.


Process to apply for Gold Loan:


A person can apply for Gold Loan through a bank or an NBFC. He/she has to offer his/her gold to the lender. Lender will check the purity of the gold. After evaluation, the paperwork is done. Applicant need to attach PAN card, proof of address etc. Usually the Loan amount is 80% of price of gold. Applicant gets his jewelry back after repaying the loan amount.


Features of Gold Loan Documents Required for Gold Loan
Advantages of Gold Loan Best Rate on Gold Loan


The maximum duration for which a Loan Against Gold is provided is 1 year. It is a short term loan and one can get up to 85% of the value of the loan. There are many RBI norms that the banks and NBFCs need to follow. So, one can rest assured that the loans provided are not a burden on the customers part.


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