Loan against Gold helps you during financial crunches. This loan doesn’t depend upon the income of the consumer. Pledge your jewelry to lenders and get instant cash.

About Gold Loan

The gold can be utilized for attaining the funds from the banks and NBFCs and these loans are called gold loans.

These loans are known the gold loans which are provided on the gold ornaments.

The amount of the loans can be the same as the value of gold.

Interest Rates Gold Loan Beas:

  1. The 10.5% is the beginning of the interest rate which is being charged by the banks.
  2. The 4 years of time is usually granted in these loans.

Why One Should Choose Gold Loan In Beas?

The money is offered to the customer after a quick evaluation of gold.

  1. No prepayment charges
  2. No need of a cosigner
  3. Less processing charges.
  4. No hidden charges.
  5. Fast Loan disbursal. 




Minimum:18 year

Maximum (at loan maturity): 70 year

Gold requirements

Minimum 10 gram of gold

Loan Amount


Maximum: No Limit



Employment Status




  1. Identity Proof (Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving License). 
  2. Proof of Address (Ration card/ Tel, Electricity. Bill/ Rental Agr. / Passport copy/ Trade license /Shop & Est. License/Sales Tax certificate).
  3. Signature Verification Proof (Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker's verification/cheque)
  4. 2 passport size photographs.

Other Documents

  1. For farmers, the banks and NBFCs offer low rates of interests on the gold deposits.
  2. For this, the applicants have to provide the agricultural documents and also the income proof.

Features Of Gold Loan:

Following are the Features of Gold Loan:

  1. The banks and NBFCs provide Rs 1 Crore as the maximum amount in these loans.
  2. More safety and security are provided by the banks and NBFCs to your gold.
  3. Everyone can apply for these loans at any time he wants.
  4. The rates of interest will be degraded for the debts which are used for cultivation.
  5. Lowest numbers of papers are given in these loans.
  6. The processing time of these loans is a few minutes.
  7. The over drafting will be a profit for the people.

About Beas:

Beas is a town in Amritsar district of Punjab. The city lies near the river Beas. The official language spoken here is Punjabi. 

How To Apply

Apply online on

Check the eligibility

Call the helpline number 600-11-600 or 95920-46860

Visit the bank

Submit all the documents

Get the loan