About Gold Loan

Life can be more comfortable if you can eradicate the financial hurdles of life. Thus, gold jewelry can help you cope up with the money related issues in lives. Gold Loan which is also known as Loan against Gold, is a service in which the borrower simply submit their gold jewelry as a security in the bank’s locker. And they can get gold loan according to the cost of their gold ornaments.

Why Choose Gold Loan in Pallikaranai?

  1. To begin, The banks also provide the options of pre-payment through which the people can pay debts before time.
  2. Also, Documents needed are very less.
  3. Furthermore, an applicant can avail a gold loan for a less amount of Rupees 18,000.
  4. Finally, the banks do not charge any charges for a penalty.

Features of Gold Loan Pallikaranai

  1. First of all, the loan amount can be as high as Rupees1 Crore.
  2. Secondly, The gold ornaments are more secure in bank security and NBFCs than in your lockers.
  3. Thirdly, The loans provided to framers have the rates of interest of lower values.
  4. Furthermore, Banks and NBFC's require quite fewer documents in comparison to other financial products.
  5. Moreover, loan disbursal of gold loan happens only in a day.
  6. Finally, Gold Loan is provided to the customers even if they have a bad credit score.

Eligibility of Gold Loan Pallikaranai

  1. First of all, Age: Minimum=18 year.
  2. Maximum (at loan maturity): 60 year
  3. Secondly, Gold requirements: Minimum 10 gram of gold.
  4. Besides, Loan Amount: Minimum= Rupees15000.
  5. Next, Citizenship: Indian.
  6. Also, Employment Status: Salaried/ Self Employed/ Not Working.

Documentation for Gold Loan Pallikaranai

  1. First and foremost, Borrower Identity: Two passport size colored photographs.
  2. Next, Proof of Identity: Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving License/Adhar card/ PAN card.
  3. Also, Residence Proof: Ration card/ Tel, Electricity Bill/ Rental bill/ Passport copy/Trade license /Shop & Est. License/Sales Tax certificate.
  4. Besides, Signature Proof: Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker's verification/cheque.

Interest Rate of Gold Loan Pallikaranai

  1. To start, Gold Loan Interest Rate: 10.50% onward.
  2. Also, Processing fee: 1.50%.
  3. Furthermore, Loan Tenure: 6 months to 48months.
  4. Loan Amount: Rupees 18k to Rupees 1 Crore.
  5. Finally, The purity of eligible gold 18 carats to 22 carats.

About Pallikarani

The City of Pallikaranai is a fast-growing residential area in South Chennai, a metropolitan city in Tamil Nadu, India

How to Apply?

  1. Apply through Dialabank. Because:
  2. First and foremost, Service provided is customized.
  3. Secondly, The staff is trained to contrast the rates efficiently to provide the best deal.
  4. In addition, we provide Proper Research on distinct products.
  5. Also, nothing is charged for guiding the people.
  6. Finally, Impartial advice to the applicant.
  7. Besides, give a call at 95920-46860 or visit www.dialabank.com.
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