Gold Loan Rampur

Gold Loan is provided by so many banks and other nonbanking financial companies nowadays. The gold loan is basically provided to the customers to fulfill their financial needs. These needs can be personal or professional. The bank won’t ask any question regarding the use of gold loan amount. In a gold loan, the rates of interest are quite low in a gold loan as compared to unsecured loans.

About Gold Loan

In a gold loan a customer gets money from the lender whether it is a bank or nonbanking financial company but as a security, the customer pledges his/her gold to the bank. The interest rates are quite low in a gold loan as compared to other loans because the gold loan comes in the category of secured loans. the amount of the loan depends on the weigh od gold ornaments, however.

Gold Loan Rampur Eligibility

  1. Gold Loan is very easy to access, every person who has gold more than 10 grams is eligible to get a gold loan. But there are some more conditions that a customer needs to fulfill these are:
  2. First of all the age of the applicant should be more than 18 years. After that, the maximum age of the customer can be 70 years.
  3. The applicant is required to be a citizen of India.
  4. One more important thing is that customer should have gold weigh more than 10 grams.
  5. The purity of the gold should lie in between 18 karats to 22 karats.

Features of Gold Loan Rampur 

Following are the Features of Gold Loan:

  1. You can avail Loan up to Rs.1 Crore or more & up to 70% of value for any purpose
  2. You get 100% Safety & Security of your Gold Jewellery
  3. Get your Loan processed in less than 30 minutes
  4. Enjoy Anytime Liquidity.
  5. Lower Interest Rates
  6. Simple documentation and fast processing.
  7. Overdraft limit varies depending on the market rate of gold.
  8. The interest rate is payable the only amount of the overdraft that you use.

Documents Gold Loan Rampur 

Documentation process in a gold loan is not that tedious.

  1. First of all one proof of identity is needed.
  2. After that one residence proof is also required.
  3. Besides this 2 passport sized colored photographs are required to get a gold loan.

How to Apply?

A person can easily apply online for a gold loan by filling the application form on

The application form requires to fill the contact number of the applicant. The contact number is required so you can get a call back from the expert’s side.

If customers apply on www.dialabank.comthey will get extra perks and other special offers as well. The best thing about applying on Dialabank is that the customer gets the gold loan comparison from all the banks and can choose the most suitable lender or offer.

For more information, you may call on 9592046860. The whole process is very easy and simple.