Everyone faces a situation when you need cash at a short notice. It can be paying medical bills, or debt consolidations. Whatever the situation may be, it is possible to acquire money quickly in the form of loan and without having to submit various documents.


If you have gold in the form of jewellry, then you can use it as security to avail money immediately. Gold Loans are the best possible option that you can use to handle financial crunch. Few banks claim to offer money in just 3 minutes, whereas some banks offer you money within an hour.



As the prices of gold are high, banks consider it a safe deal to offer loan against gold. One can get up to 80 percent of the market price of gold. There are no Documents Required to avail loan that makes is the fastest way to acquire money.

These loans are offered for the term of one year and can be foreclosed anytime. Banks charge 13-14% of Interest Rate on loan against gold, and you have to pay the interest on monthly and quarterly basis. There is no EMI to pay or worry about. The gold placed as collateral is released by the bank when the borrower repays the whole loan amount. If you do not pay interest on time, then you may have to pay penalty charges.

The most highlighting Feature of this loan is that you need not to have any source of income. Hence, an unemployed person can also avail this loan. People who could not qualify for other loans can easily avail this loan.


Salient features :


• No upper limit of the loan amount

• No EMIs to pay

• Hassle fee and quick disbursal

• No documentation

• No source of income required



You can visit any bank or fill an Online Form to avail this loan.  You will be asked to submit the gold you want to mortgage. The bank evaluates the jewellry to check if it is not fake.  Once the jewellry is evaluated, money is offered to you immediately. The gold is kept with lender until you pay the whole loan amount without any default.  You can use the loan amount for any purpose according to the need.