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Your Daughter’s wedding ….!! Urgent Money Requirement ….!! But… No Investments…

Don’t Worry… Yes..!! You can take a Personal Loan


  1. You have Good Credit Record.
  2. You are Salaried/Salaried Professional or Self-Employed*
  3. Having all the Credentials of being a Good Citizen.


  1. No need to offer security.
  2. No need to offer guarantor.
  3. No need to Specify the reason that why you need the loan.
  4. Use it wherever and for whatever you want.
  5. No need for entreating your relatives or friends.

How to Apply for These Loans?:

  1. First of All, Banks will scrutinize the Employer you work for, i.e. whether the Employer or the company is having a Constant and Stable Business. If there is any kind of suspicion, then you won't be able to get Money.
  2. If you qualify this criteria, then bank will check your salary status. You are required to earn Rs 15,000 (Min. Net Home Take Salary).
  3. If you are cleared with this round too, you are now eligible for the Loan.
  4. Sometimes your salary is not enough to take the Loan, in this situation you can club your Spouse Salary to meet the requirements or to take a higher loan amount.

*Self-Employed: Min. Taxable Income should be Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 3 lakhs.


Personal Loan Interest Rates are Towering. Ranging from 13% and goes up to 22%. Because whenever the Loan is sanctioned, some sort of Security is required from the Customer, but in this case there is no necessity for a security.

Bank Offers:

  1. HDFC, ICICI, Axis, Fullerton India, SBI, Standard Chartered, IDBI and many more.
  2. IDBI bank Provides range from Rs. 50,000 to 10 Lakh (1 Million)
  3. ICICI bank provides range from Rs 20,000 to 15 Lakh (1.5 Million)
  4. SBI provides adaptable Interest Rates of 14% per annum*.

(You are advised to Roam Around and Compare the Interest rates of different Banks.)

Processing Fee:

SBI demands 1%, and ICICI demands 2% as documentation and Administration fee.

Loan Tenure:

Most of the Bank Offers 1 to 4 year of Loan Tenure, Some Banks like ICICI go to 5 years. IDBI offers max. 4 years. (For Salaried Professionals), 5 Yrs. (For Doctors & Dentists), 3 Yrs. (For Proprietor, Professionals and Business Partners )

Relationship with Banks:

If you have an existing relation with the lender (from where you are going to take the Loan), then you might have some advantages, like a slight reduction in Interest Rate.

If you have Salary Account with that Bank, the chances are high for taking the advantages.


  1. If you want to prepay your Finance to reduce your EMIs, you will be penalized for that. (Now there are schemes in which the financial institution do not charge any pre-payment fees)
  2. Different banks have different penalty rates.
  3. ICICI and HDFC allow prepayment after 6 months at 4% penalty rate.

Servicing Loan @ High Interest Rate??

If you come to know that you are servicing your loan at a high interest rate, you can change your loan to another bank. Other Banks with Low interest rates will welcome you. If you do so, banks will provide you efficient interest rates.

Personal Loan Calculator Personal Loan Interest Rates
Personal Loan Calculator Personal Loan Interest Rates

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