Your Precious Gold Ornaments are Safe with Gold Loans...!!!

GOLD LOAN is given in opposition to Gold. Most private banks, National banks and other financial institutions provide these loans at appealing rates. Some people take this loan to meet short term requirements like Daughter’s wedding, Children education and other financial needs. Some people think, rather than keeping gold at the house it would be better to take Loan against Gold.


1.        Neither Income / Salary proof nor Credit Card History is required.

2.        Just basic ID proofs are required.

3.        Anyone can take the opportunity for these Loans whether employed or unemployed.

4.        Agriculturists can avail this loan on very nominal Interest Rates of 7% to 8%. They can take Agriculture Loan in opposition to Gold, and all their documents regarding the agriculture are required to be deposited.

5.        No EMIs.

6.        The biggest benefit of these loans is you can get Loan as 80% market value of Gold.

7.        Pre-Closure can be done in these Loans without any penalty (in some cases).

8.        You just have to pay monthly interest during the Tenure, and in the end you can pay overall carry off (Borrowed) amount in one shot.

9.        In this case, Process time is less. This is the best option for instantaneous financial help.


1.        Take these Loans only if you are assured of returning the money in time, otherwise you will be punished, and your gold will become a property of Bank.

2.        Always choose the bank or financial institution who is in this profession from a long time.


1.        Voter ID or Driving License

2.        Passport

3.        Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill/ Ration Card

4.        2 passport size photographs