Reserve Bank of India has issued Rs. 100 notes in the Mahatma Gandhi Series 2005 with a new numbering pattern. In the new note of Rs. 100, the first three alphanumeric characters will remain same in size. The numbers in both the numeral panels will be in ascending size from left to right.


RBI Rs. 100 Notes


"Printing the numerals in ascending size is a visible security feature in the banknotes so that the general public can easily distinguish a counterfeit note from a genuine one," RBI said in a release.

The bank also announced that all notes of Rs 100 issued in the past will also be considered as legal notes.

RBI said that it was working to improve the security features of banknotes to control piracy. It will improve the system, and people can easily recognize the authentic banknotes.

RBI will introduce the new numbering pattern in a phased manner for all other denominations.


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