What does your car mean to you? It may be a traveling companion, a friend or just a vehicle for you. You might have seen the World’s Fastest Car. You might have been in love with speed and thrill. Do you feel goose bumps when your car revs at its best speed?  What if you can know how fast your heart is beating with the speed of your car? Well, Lexus has the answer.

Lexus, the Japanese Luxury Car Maker, has made it possible to relate your heartbeat with your car’s speed.  It has made a car that displays driver’s heartbeat on a display screen. It translates the heartbeat into patterns and shows on the screen. The car is named as Lexus RC F Coupe and has been created by Lexus Australia and the creative agency M&C Saatchi.


A Car that shows Heartbeat - Lexus RC F Coupe

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The company has used different technologies to examine driver’s heartbeat and capture the data by sending an electric charge into the bodywork. The body of the car has an electro-luminescent paint that will make it glowing and will display the pulses in the same rhythm as the heartbeat of the driver. 

Your heartbeat pulse will keep changing as you change the speed of your car.

Sean Hanley, Lexus Australia Chief Executive, said: "The heartbeat car also links to another key part of Lexus - high-performance vehicles - via our F marque models, and the emotional responses a machine like the RC F can inspire in a person"


Check out the video to find out how this Car will show Your Heartbeat:

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So, get excited to see your heartbeat dancing on the floor of car’s display screen. Feel yourself connected to the revolutions of your car’s wheels. Lexus RC F Grand Coupe can feel your heartbeat and will make your ride thrilling.


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