Are you familiar with the Rupee that is lying in your wallet? Money is an important aspect of everyone’s life. We pursue education to get a handsome amount of money. We make countless efforts to make money. Our entire life keeps revolving around making money. But do you know enough about your beloved rupee? If not, don’t worry. This article is for you that will tell you some amazing secrets of Rupee. Go ahead:

1. 5,000 and 10,000 notes were in use between 1954 and 1978.


5000 Rupee Note


2. Pakistan had used Indian Rupee Notes in the early days after independence because it couldn’t print enough. These notes carried the Pakistan stamp.


  Indian Rupee  


3. Notes of 500 and 1000 Rupee are banned in Nepal.

4. Do you know that in the early 20th Century, Rupee has also served as the currency of various other countries like Oman, Aden, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, The Trucial States, Uganda, Kenya, and Mauritius?

5. You can type the symbol of Rupee by using “Ctrl+Shift+$”.

6. In making a 10 Rupees Coin, it costs only 6.10 rupees.

7. You can exchange a torn note for a new one at a bank if you have 51% part of it.

8. It is interesting that all Indian Rupee Notes have something imprinted on the backside that reflects India. For example, a 20 Rupee note includes the prints of Andaman Islands.


      20 Rupee Note      


9. If a star (*) is there in the serial number in the number panel, it means you are carrying a note of RBI’s Star Series. Star Series is the special series of RBI that is released to replace defected notes.

50 Rupee Note       


10. Bhutan and Zimbabwe have considered Indian Rupee as the legal tender in their countries.

Now you have been a friend of your rupee. Stay connected with Dialabank and keep getting interesting updates.


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