Toyota is here with yet another beast in India. Since Toyota launched Innova, the sales have been going up. From the launch of this car the prices have gone up drastically but Indian customer is yet not ready to give up on Innova.
Again the company has revamped the Innova by the name of Innova Crysta. The MPV is available in 8 variants from manual to automatic transmissions with 2 engine capacities.
Let’s see what should be focused on really before buying this MPV. Here it goes:


Innova Crysta


  1. It’s Toyota: Saying this should be enough for people who know about Toyota. Well if you don’t know much about Toyota then, you should. They have always been known for their quality since inception. They have won many awards for quality assurance. They always focus on the customer first. If you buy a Toyota, take a deep breath and relax. Getting associated with Toyota is perfect.
  2. This isn’t for Delhi or Kerala: Don’t even think to keep this car as an option if you live in Delhi NCR or Kerala. They only have diesel variants and the engine capacity is more than 2300cc. So this won’t be launching in these two places till a petrol variant is available. According to the company representatives, petrol variant will be available by festival season. The good news is; it will be launched in India before any other country.
  3. Powerful Engine: This is one MPV which everyone should look out for. The engine capacity, Toyota is providing in this price range is good. The rivals Toyota has are Tata Safari Storme and Mahindra XUV 500. But then the price and the engine capacity in Innova Crysta is more, compared to both. The have actually filled a gap in this segment as there was no engine capacity available between 2200cc to 2700cc. Toyota has priced this MPV perfectly, filling up a gap and competing with Ssangyong with the higher end variants.
  4. Good Mileage: This new car comes big when compared to the earlier Innova in mileage segment. It gives a mileage of 15.10kmpl for a smaller engine of 2.4-litre and 14.29kmpl for a larger engine of 2.8-litre. When compared to other cars in the same segment, same price range, and the engine capacity, it has the best mileage. So keep driving.
  5. Low on features: The lower end variants are a bit of a drag. The features available are not worth mentioning in the lower end versions. There are three low-end variants including an automatic variant. The only difference in these two is a back split-seat. The higher end variants are much better with quite some features.

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