Are you looking for a finance option that offers fast and immediate cash? If yes Gold Loan is specially designed for those people who need quick money for their immediate economic needs gold Loan is the quickest and easiest loan available. It is a loan with minimal documentation and no trouble. Gold Loans at that time. Which offer quick cash without any hindrance and doesn’t check the credit history of individuals

About Gold Loan

There can be situations in which people can be denied for availing a loan from the banks or NBFC’s. In such a case, the loan seeker can easily go forward with the option of the Gold Loan. If the applicant has gold at his home, then he can put a value to his assets by availing a loan against it. In this service, one has to keep gold jewelry with the lender and lender provides a credit against it.

Gold Loan Proddattur Eligibility Criteria

  1. First of all, the Applicant’s Minimum Age: The applicant should be 18 years of age.
  2. Next, Applicant’s Maximum Age: The applicant should not be more than 70 years of age.
  3. Furthermore, Citizenship: The applicant’s nationality should be Indian.
  4. Also, The requirement of Gold: Minimum 18 Grams of Gold is mandatory.
  5. Besides, Minimum Loan Amount: Minimum 18 thousand Rupees can be availed.
  6. Finally, Both Salaried and Self Employed Applicants can Apply for Gold Loan.

Why Choose Gold Loan Proddattur?

  1. To begin, Minimal Documentation process.
  2. Next, Easy repayment schemes.
  3. Furthermore, Hassle-free.
  4. Also, 100% Safety and security of your gold.
  5. Moreover, Flexible repayment options.
  6. Besides, Repayment schemes are secure.
  7. Finally, Gold Loan Interest Rates are quite affordable in comparison to other financial services.

Documents Required for Gold Loan Proddattur

The papers should be particularly from the following options:

Applicant Identity Verification Documents can be amongst the below documents (ANY):

  1. Passport: Valid Copy of passport both front and last page.
  2. Voters ID card: Copy of Valid Voter Identity Card
  3. Driving License: Copy of Driving license which is valid.
  4. Aadhar card: Copy of Adhar Card with current information.

Applicant Address Verification Proof can be amongst the below documents(ANY):

  1. Passport: Valid Copy of passport both front and last page
  2. Voters ID card: Copy of Valid Voter Identity Card
  3. Driving License: Copy of Driving license which is valid.
  4. Aadhar card: Copy of Adhar Card with current information
  5. Utility Bills on the name of the applicant.
  6. Sales Tax Certificate
  7. Rental Agreement

Signature Verification Documents required are namely:

  1. Valid Copy Passport
  2. Bank’s Verification Certificate
  3. Cheque

Features of Gold Loan Proddattur

  1. First and foremost, No salary qualification is needed: Anybody can apply in spite of low salary issue.
  2. Secondly, CIBIL Score is not Checked: The applicant with bad loan repayment record can also apply.
  3. Next, Repay only Interest: You need to repay only the interest of the loan amount.
  4. Furthermore, Convenient Process: The process is straightforward and understandable.
  5. Moreover, Less processing time: The disbursal of the loan is very quick.
  6. Besides, Least Interest Rates: The rate of interest is least amongst other investments.

The Rate of Interest of Gold Loan Proddattur

  1. First of all, The interest rates are quite less in comparison to unsecured loans like personal loans. Gold Loan is disbursed in only 30 minutes.
  2. Secondly, Gold Loan interest rate 10.50% onwards.
  3. Finally, Processing fee 1.50%.

About Proddattur

Proddatur is a city in district Kadapa, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Also, It is located on the banks of Penna River. If you need a Gold Loan Proddattur is very simple you have to fill up the form, and after that, we provide you all information regarding gold loan and provide you best interest rate in the market

How to Apply?

Visit our website we assure you that we will provide you with the lowest interest rates as compared to others. Call us for more details 95920-46860

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