3 Best Options for a Personal Loan in India

Personal Loans are kind of unsecured loans that you can avail at the time of financial emergency. While applying for a personal loan, the bank or lender won’t ask you the purpose or reason. As we know these are unsecured loans means banks need no collateral such as gold ornaments etc for loan acquisition. Getting a personal loan is easy but it’s hard to decide which bank offers the best personal loan. Here we have a list of five best leading banks in India for a Personal Loan. Run your vision to these five finest personal loan options:

HDFC Bank Personal Loan

From HDFC bank you can get the loan at highly competitive interest rates (10.99%). Both salaried and self-employed people can apply for HDFC Personal Loan. With minimal paperwork, the bank approves your loan. There’s a transparent wall between a borrower and lender. If you’re an existing HDFC Bank account holder, you may get special offers.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan

When it comes to availing an ICICI Bank Personal Loan then there are three key categories- wedding loans, home renovation loans and holiday loans. The interest that you will pay is based on regular reducing balance and is as low as 11.29%. Both salaried and self-employed people can apply for a Personal Loan. Repayment structure is simple and while applying for a loan, you just need to show minimal documents.

State Bank of India Personal Loan

There are numerous categories when it comes to grabbing a Personal Loan from State Bank of India. Categories go like SBI Xpress, SBI Saral (easy) Loan, Credit Loan, SBI Festival Personal Loan and Loan to pensioners. Personal Loans from SBI is entirely trustworthy, as we know SBI is one of the reliable names in the field of banking. The State Bank of India Personal Loan’s interest rate ranges 12.45% to 14.95%. Any salaried or self-employed can apply for a loan.