Try a top-up Personal Loan

 In the time of financial emergency, you can avail a Personal Loan. Proper documents will automatically make you eligible for a personal loan but if you’ve already an existing loan then you could consider a top-up loan. In a top-up loan, you will get a loan on your existing loan and be fetched across all the categories such as a car, home and personal etc. ‘A top-up loan importantly offers an incremental loan to you in which you only need to show minimal documents. The interest rate in this loan could be the same or lower than your current loan. If we talk about most common top-up then personal and home loans are the most common top-up loans. You can apply for a top-up personal to handle your education, medical, wedding or other personal expenses.

Quick processing: Many customers are fond of a top-up loan instead of a personal loan because this loan is processed instantly. The moneylender already has the information of the customer. When it comes to eligibility of top-up then you need to submit minimal documentation with no collateral. A personal loan can be disbursed instantly. It may take a day or two days.

Interest rates: Generally, a top-loan comes to at a very competitive interest rate. If we talk about home loans, then interest rates will be 0.5 to 1% higher as compared to your current running loan.

Amounts one can avail: When it comes to applying for a top-up loan then there are numerous factors such as salary, repayment capability and other loan debts. If we talk about tip-up home loan then the maximum loan you will get won’t be higher than the value of your initial loan. The bank determines the upper limit.

Repayment period: For up to 20 years, you can avail a top-up loan. The tenure relies on your profile, salary, and age etc.

Conditions to remember: Remember while approving a top-up loan request, your previous repayment record is given vital weight. If there’s a consistency in your repayment record then your chances of getting a personal loan will be high. Rest if there’s any current debt to income and credit profile also affect the approval of the top-up loan.