Understand your Personal Loan Eligibility

In a Personal Loan, no bank will ask for any collateral or security. Your income and your credit score both are important when it comes to avail a personal loan. If you are first time applying for a Personal Loan then you should your eligibility. If you’re looking for a personal loan then are few things you need to keep in mind. As we know it’s very easy to get a personal loan but really it’s that east? The bank doesn’t ask for any collateral, here you just need to submit the required documents but remember any default in your documents, income or your credit score will lead you toward to rejection.

Financial Stability

Before sanctioning you a Personal Loan, banks first check your financial stability. Being a salaried person you should have a minimum of two years and have at least one year in your current profession. If you’re a self-employed person then you should have a minimum five years total experience and at least two years experience in the recent running business.


As we know your income is one of the important factors when it comes to applying for a personal loan. Banks always check your income and checking your income grips only motive to know your repayment capacity. If the bank detects any defaults in previous credit history then you may hardly get the loan. This is compulsory to display a firm income proof with a stable job and with a good credit score.

Credit Score

Your Credit Score plays a major role while availing a personal loan. If there’s any delay or default in paying monthly EMIs then it will affect your credit score. Remember, if your credit history is bad means personal loan will come to you at the high-interest rate. This is compulsory to maintain your credit score. A credits core will automatically make you eligible to grab a personal loan instantly.