There are so many banking and non-banking financial companies in India that provide a gold loan in India but Muthoot is the number one gold loan provider company in India. The company provides other financial products as well. The gold loan is available at very low rates of interests and very quickly. The company is also known as Muthoot Finance company.

Why one should Apply for Muthoot Gold Loan Phaltan?

  1. First of all the company provides a gold loan at lowest rates of interest.
  2. After that, the time of approval for the loan is very less. You get approval on the same day of application.
  3. Besides that, the gold ornaments of the customers are kept in the tight security.

 Features of Gold Loan Phaltan

  1. First of all the approval time is very less in the Muthoot Finance Gold Loan.   
  2. After that, the process is hassle-free and easy.
  3. Furthermore, the processing fees are very less in the Muthoot Gold Loan.

Eligibility for Muthoot Gold Loan

  1. First of all the minimum age required for the applicant should be 18 years.
  2. After that,  it is necessary that the applicant is a citizen of India.
  3. Besides that, the applicant should have at least 10 grams of gold to get a gold loan.


  1. There are some basic documents are required in the Muthoot Finance Gold Loan
  2. One ID Proof. (Aadhar Card/ PAN Card/ Voter ID Card/ DrivingLicense/Passport)
  3. One proof of residence. (Aadhar Card/ PAN Card/ Voter ID Card/ DrivingLicense/Passport/ Ration Card/  Utility Bills)
  4. Two passports sized colored photographs

Why Muthoot Finance Gold Loan?

  1. First of all the rates of interest are very low.
  2. After that, the process of application for the gold loan is very simple.
  3. Beside all these, the Gold Loan amount gets disbursed very fast.

Interest Rate

  1. The rate of interest is 11% onwards. It depends on the tenure of your loan.
  2. For the tenure of the loan is one month then it is 12%.
  3. Furthermore more than one month and less than three months, it is 15% onwards.
  4. Besides that, for 3 to 12 months it is 20% onwards.
  5. For the period of more than 12 months, the rate of interest is 21% onwards.

Processing Fees

The company charges a minimal amount of processing fees to the customers but it can be a maximum 1% of the amount of the loan sanctioned.

Foreclosure Charges

Furthermore, Muthoot Finance does not charge any foreclosure fee.

Quality of the Gold

The gold ornaments that you are pledging to the bank should be of 18 to 22 carats. Gold of quality 24 carats is not accepted.

How much amount do you get?

The amount of Gold Loan depends basically on the weight of the gold and the purity of the gold. Besides that, the Loan to Value of different companies is different. Muthoot Finance provides 75% LTV to its customers. It can be more depending on the weight of the pledged gold ornaments of the customers.

How to Apply?

A person can apply for a Muthoot Gold Loan online as well as in an offline way since the online method is very time-saving so people prefer to apply online. A person can simply apply for a gold loan online by visiting and filling the online application form with the required fields.

Why Dialabank?

Dialabank is considered as the best platform to apply for a gold loan online. Since the company provides you a gold loan at easy rates of interest and very quickly. Furthermore, there is no issue of the security of the gold ornaments of the customers. For more information, you may call on 9592046860.

About Phaltan

Phaltan is a town of Satara District of Maharashtra state. The population of the city is 5.71 Lacs. Dialabank provides a gold loan in Phaltan at low and easy rates of interest. A person can easily avail a gold loan online in 2 minutes in Phaltan. For more information call on 9592046860.