A personal loan is the type of unsecured loan and helps you to meet your current financial needs. It is known to be an unsecured loan because the borrower does not require keeping any collateral or security with the bank while availing personal loan and in return the lender allows the borrower to use the funds as per your choice, this fund will be helpful to the borrower in serving their traveling expense, renovating house, medical emergency wedding, etc.  
Personal loan interest rates: 
Personal Loan Interest Rates    11.25% to 22.00% per annum
Loan Processing Charges / Origination Charges (Non-Refundable)    Up to 2.25% per annum of loan amount plus GST
Prepayment Charges    5% per annum of principal outstanding plus GST
Additional Interest on late payment    24% per annum
Repayment Mode Swap Charges    ? 500/- per transaction plus GST
Loan Cancellation Charges    ? 3000/- plus GST
^EMI Bounce Charges    ? 400/- per bounce plus GST
Personal Loan in Agartala: Almost all the major banks and the NBFC’s offer personal loan to the buyers in Agartala. Many of them allow you to avail the loan online, even if they do not have a presence in Agartala with a personal loan; you have full freedom to use that money in any way you want.
Personal loan in Agartala also does not require any collateral (depending on your creditworthiness). But most of the banks in Agartala offer the personal loan without any collateral/security, which means you don’t require providing the bank without any protection in the form of shares, cash or any other assets. This makes it more attractive to a huge number of people who are unable to provide the banks with any collateral.
Eligibility for Availing Personal Loan:
1. Salaried person government, MNC or any private company or any self-employed person like Doctor, CA, CS or Architect.
2. The age limit of availing the personal loan lies between 21 years to 60 years.
3. Rs. Twenty-five thousand per month for the salaried person and Rs. 5 lakh gross annual receipts for professionals.
 How much can a person borrow?
1. This mainly depends on your income and depends upon the salaried or self-employed.
2. Any ongoing loans are also considered while the lender lends the personal loan