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Understand your loan eligibility:

All Home finance companies refer to their EMI table when calculating the EMI payments. This table lists the monthly EMIs per lakh, for different tenures and rate of interests.

Requirements Amount
Monthly Income(Rs) 30,000
(Assumed) Income available for EMI payments

(i.e. 55% of 30,000)(Rs)
Rate of Interest(%) 8.00
Tenure(yrs) 20
EMI per lakh(Rs) 836
Home Loan Eligibility (Rs) 1,973,000


Following are other factors helping in the evaluation of home loan eligibility:

  1. Nature of Job of Individual
  2. Location of the Property
  3. Personal Details of individual


Things you need to know about before you apply for a home loan

  1. Documents
  2. Home Loan Interest Rates


Calculate Your EMI:

Monthly Salary Slab(Rs) Percentage of monthly salary considered for making EMI payments(%)
8000- 10,000 45
10,000-20,000 50
20,000-35,000 55
Above 35,000 60


If an individual is drawing a net salary of Rs 25,000 pm, then Rs 13,750 (i.e. 55% of 25,000, Refer the table) will be considered as a part of EMI payments. Likewise, the amount will vary according to the individual's income.


It is important for everyone interested to take a home loan to know about the basics of home loan calculations with Home Loan Calculator.


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Home Loan EMI Calculator Home Loan Interest Rates
Home Loan EMI Calculator Home Loan Interest Rates


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