Are you looking for a new machine to buy for your business but don’t have enough funds? Getting confused in choosing which loan scheme is the best? Looking for a way to pay the massive amount of college fee without spending your saving? Don’t worry we all face these issues once in a while in our lives. A personal loan can help you deal with all these problems in no time. These loans are fast, hassle-free and most importantly it does not require any collateral.

About Personal Loan Trichy

See personal loan is a loaning scheme in which an applicant take the loan amount from the bank without providing any collateral against the loan amount. As a result, this loaning scheme is said to be an unsecured way of taking a loan from the bank. You can use the loan amount this loan in any way you like a bank has no restriction on the expenditure of the principal amount. As a result, you can use the loan amount to pay your medical bills, or you can use it to provide funds for the wedding. 

Eligibility for taking Personal Loan Trichy

For the salaried applicant:
  1. The required age for the salaried applicant needs to be in between 25 - 65 Years.
  2. Also, as a salaried applicant, you should have at least one year of experience.
  3. Moreover, you need to be working with the current employment company for about one year at least.
  4. Similarly, the salary of the applicant should come to a bank account
  5. 18,000 Rs should be then  the minimum salary requirement for availing a personal loan. Most importantly, the CIBIL of salaried applicant needs to be above 750 to avail this loan.
For self-employed applicant
  1. Firstly, applciant age needs to be in between 21 years to 71.
  2. Furthermore, business should be running for about three years.
  3. Also, 20 Lac should be the annual turnover of the applicant’s business.
  4. Your credit score should be above 750 to avail of this loan.
  5. The self-employed applicant needs to hve a bank acocunt.

Interest Rate for Personal Loan Trichy

10.75% is the least interest rate you can expect on a personal loan. One more thing you need to keep in mind while availing for this loan is once the interest rate is decided it will remain the same throughout the tenure period. For Personal loan, the bank chooses to the loan amount and its respective interest rate by taking in consideration of income eligibility and the documents provided.
These loans come with preclosure facility meaning you can close the loan before the tenure period ends. The preclosure charges remain in between 2-3% of the total loan amount. By providing this, you can save your money by skipping the remaining Emi’s and their respective interest rate amount.

Documentation required for taking Personal Loan Trichy

  1. As a borrower, you need to provide your identity proof to the bank here. Given below are the list of documents which you can use as an identity proof Aadhaar Card / PAN Card/ Voter ID Card/ Passport/ Driving License.
  2. In addition to this, you need to have a residential proof. You can use any of the given documents as your residence proof Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving license, voter ID card or your passport.  Utility bills of last three months on the name of applicant/ Rent Agreement in case you are paying rent.
  3. For a salaried applicant, the borrower needs to provide six months of banks statement along with six months of salary receipt.
  4. Likewise, for self-employed applicant bank ask for past 1-year ITR documents and audited financial papers of the business.

Benefits of taking a Personal Loan

  1. When looking for a loan, we always try to find the lowest interest rate which we can get on the loan. With these loans, you are getting lower interest rates than any other collateral free loaning scheme.
  2. Secondly, the documentation process is fast and hassle-free.
  3. Also, If all your documents are correct and meet the bank’s criteria, your loan will get approved within 30 minutes.
  4. Most importantly, you don’t have to provide collateral for taking this loan. 
  5. Moreover, this loan is beneficial for both salaried and self-employed applicant.
  6. As an applicant, you only need to provide 2-3% as the loan processing fee which is easily affordable in most of the cases.
  7. Finally, the disbursal of these loan takes place within 48 hours after the approval.

How to Apply?

Anybody can apply quickly for Personal Loan online within 2 minutes. The process of application is straightforward and fast.

  1. Visit
  2. After that, apply for a Personal Loan online.
  3. Enter your contact number so that we can contact you back.

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About Trichy

Trichy or Tiruchirappalli is the fourth largest city which lies on the banks of Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu. Tiruchirappalli is an essential industrial and educational center of Tamil Nadu. Tiruchirappalli has numerous Hindu temples and Forts. The city is a booming commercial center in Tamil Nadu



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