Personal loan is the only type of loan which is not secured by collateral. The Credit Grade, loan amount and the length of time are the key feature to decide of interest rate. There can be either a salaried person, Self-employed person or Self– employed professionally to apply for Personal loan Thrissur. Below are the key points to know before applying for personal loans in Thrissur.

Rate of interest of Personal Loan In Thrissur
Rate of Interest 11.49% - 19.5%
Processing Fee Rs 999/- - 2.5%
Personal Loan Amount Rs.50,000 - Rs.30,00,000

Thrissur/Trichur is the 20th largest city in India, it is also known as Thiru Siva Peroor and is a cultural capital of Kerala. It is located 300km towards the north-west of state capital Thiruvananthapuram. Historically Thrissur has been a center of Hindu scholarship. Thrissur is the major commercial and financial hub of Kerala.