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Important points to know about Personal Loan


1) Check you Credit Score: You must check your Credit Score before applying for a loan in any bank or a financial institution. It is a factor that plays an important role in the approval of the loan application. CIBIL keeps a record of your credit history by collecting your credit data from all the banks and financial companies. A good credit score gives a green signal to your loan application and also lowers the interest rates charged to you.

2) Increase your loan eligibility: You can extend your Eligibility of the loan amount by adding your income with your spouse’s income.

3) Relationships with Banks: You can get discounts on interest rates if you apply for a loan from a bank where you have a relationship. In such a case, the bank considers your previous repayment records and analyze your capability to afford a new loan. Also, you can easily negotiate on the interest rates offered to you, eventually saving a lot of money.
4) Penalties: There are many charges that are related to personal loan other than interest rates. If you wish to close the loan earlier, this will require you to pay penalty charges. Search for the lenders that do not charge a penalty for paying the loan before the completion of tenure. Also, check the charges that you need to pay in case of paying your EMIs late.







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