City Union Bank is a major public sector bank in India. The bank provides so many financial products to the customers. It includes a car loan, personal loan,  gold loan, banking, internet banking, wealth management, and credit cards. The bank is well known for its financial services.

What is Personal Loan?

A personal loan always helpful to the customers in many essences. The personal loan helps people to fulfill their financial needs, whether it is related to your wedding or education. It can be related to business purposes or educational activities. A personal loan is simply an unsecured loan that is given by the banks and non-banking financial organization to meet their personal needs. The loan will be provided on the basis of income, credit score, and history of employment history, repayment capacity. The good thing about this loan is that you don’t have to keep anything for security such as gold or home and the customer can use this amount anywhere as he/she wants to do, and the bank doesn’t observe the money, you are free to make your choice. However, everyone has their own reason so this personal loan will help to overcome such problems.

Why Choose City Union Bank for Personal Loan?

City Union Bank is one of the best banks as it fulfills economic issue by providing the required amount of loan. It is also another leading bank and gives a personal loan to customers. Through this loan, many problems can be solved,  to pay those hospital bills and wedding, or unexpected personal expenses. This is some of the basic things that they face in personal life and because of which they go for a personal loan.
Easily Available: It is available easily at all the banks and non-financing companies give personal loans to the customers, and it comes for great use to fulfill one's personal need.
Minimum Documents: Minimal documentation nothing to be given as a security purpose.
Fast Approval: Instantly approved with hassle-free within 24 to  48 hours.

Features and Benefits of  City Union Bank Personal Loan

No end use restriction: In this loans, the money you are getting can be utilized anywhere as per your needs. With this loan you can also deal with the problems arise at home like repairing the house, to pay hospital bills and for the unexpected events.
No collateral: As compare to other banks the documentation process is simple and no need for collateral.
Flexible Amount of loan: It depends on the customer financial history and credit report according to it you will get the loan.
Flexible Terms:  1 year to 3-year terms will be given and it is depended on banks to banks.
Loan Disbursal: After the approval of your loan the submission of the documents, the process of loan disbursal is very quick.
Quick Approval: If you are eligible your loan gets sanctioned within 24 hours.
No Third party involvement: The loan is directly given to the borrower without the involvement of the third party. It is a relationship between the borrower and the lender.
Hassle free: Getting a personal loan is now a hassle-free process. Online loan portals have made it more convenient and easy. You can get the loan amount in your account without stepping out of your place.

City Union Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

Almost all the banks and the Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) give loans to all the customers by fulfilling their needs on the basis of some eligibility but not everyone can get a personal loan. There are some criteria on the basis of them the bank provide a personal loan to the applicants. There are some criteria on the basis of them the bank provide a personal loan to the applicants whereas different banks have different eligibility but the most common criteria for most of the bank and NBFC to the customer for a personal loan will be the following.





Min 21 years, Max-60years

Min 25 years, Max 65 years


18000 per month at least

ITR of 2.5 lac minimum for last 3 years

CBIL Score

Should be 750

Should be 750

ID Proof

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id/Passport /Driving License

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id/Passport/Driving License

Address Proof

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id /Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill/Rent Agreement

Addhaar Card/Pan Card/Voter Id /Passport/Driver License/Electricity Bill/ Rent Agreement

Minimum Loan Amount

1.5 lacs

2.5 lacs

Maximum Loan Amount

20 lacs

50 Lacs

















City Union Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

Starting rate of interest starts at 10.75%


The least known bank charges as processing fees are off 1.00% of the total allotted money. 


These rates and fee are meant to be changed with respect to the place and applicants profile.

What if you don’t return your Personal Loan?

If you won’t return your personal loan your credit history get spoiled, your CIBIL score gets affected negatively, and you will not be able to get any loan in future. It is not so that you can’t rebuild your credit.

Why should you apply for a personal loan in Dialabank?

You can apply for a personal loan online on the website of You have to search for Dialabank on the google. As the banking industry is going to be the 3rd largest in the world by 2025 and a lot of growth will be there in digital marketing, and we Dialabank help the customer to get a  loan and delivers in time as Dialabank is linked up with various banks. And It is India’s first financial helpline company it provides loan for its customers. Now users can apply for a personal loan through Dialabank. So search for a personal loan there. Fill the application form with the basic information of yours and click on apply button. You will get a call back from our side within 5 minutes. You can call on 60011600 too for more information about Axis bank personal loan.

Check your Eligibility: We have a calculator so that it will be helpful for the customer to know their EMI.

Instant loan Approval: After submitting all the documents for the personal loan then the customer will get the instant approval.

Doorstep Facility: You will get a document pickup facility from your doorstep.

Responsive: The customer query response is very quick.

No other charges: There are no additional charges for the guidance of the customer’s queries.

Repayment: City Union Bank Personal LoanWithin a maximum period of 36 months, the repayment is to be made in equated monthly installments. The period of no moratorium is to be allowed.

For more information, you may call on 60011600.

Apply For City Union Bank Personal Loan

Individuals /Business Concern having a net Salary/Income, not less than 18000/- per month and professional/others who earn not less than Rs.75000/-per annum (as per IT return) including those already enjoying credit facilities from the bank are eligible for consideration under the scheme. For the computation of net salary/income, the salary/income of the spouse to be added provided he/she stands as a co-applicant to the loan. For professional one year, other income has to be evidenced by order of assistant of IT (or) as per the latest it return duly acknowledged by IT Department.

Purpose of the Loan: 

This amount of loan can be used anywhere in the personal life of the customer. The loan can be granted for consumer durables such as Television, Refrigerator, Wet grinders, Furniture's, etc. but not for vehicle or jewels ( Loan is not for the purchase of second-hand consumer durables)

Permissible amount of Loan

10 months net salary/income subject to a maximum of Rs.50000/- is the permissible amount of loan. As already stated, for computation of net salary, the salary of the spouse may be added subject to the condition that the spouse will stand as co-applicant to the loan.

Margin: 10 percent

How to Apply?

  1. Visit our website in
  2. Fill the online application form with the contact number
  3. Submit all the document

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