Panjab National Bank Personal Loan      

Panjab National Bank in an India multinational bank that provides so many financial services and products to the customers. it is founded in 1894. The bank is serving the country so long that there is no need to question the bank’s policies. Bank provides a personal loan too. It is an unsecured loan.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is a kind of loan where you borrow the money from the bank at some rate of interest to fulfill your personal need. It can be anything, the bank would not question the use of the loan amount.


There are some common uses of the loan amount

  1. A person can get a personal loan for the wedding purposes.
  2. For educational purposes.
  3. To meet the medical expenses.
  4. Furthermore, the applicant can use the amount to pay the credit card bills.
  5. Besides that, a personal loan can be used to buy a second-hand card.
  6. For the home renovation.
  7. For the agricultural activities.
  8. A person can get a personal loan to boost his/her business.

Punjab National Bank provides a personal loan to the public for meeting all types of personal needs.


  1. The age of the applicant should be more than 21 years.
  2. He/she should have some rigid source of income.
  3. In the case of self-employed, the applicant should be paying an ITR of Rs. 2.5 lakhs per annum at least.
  4. If the applicant t is salaried he/she should be earning Rs. 18000 per month at least.
  5. Besides that, the applicant should have a good credit history.
  6. The CIBIL score of the customer should be more than 650.

Who can apply?

All permanent Defence Personnel including officials of Military Station Headquarters, BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP

Confirmed/ permanent employees of Central/ State Govt/ PSUs and all reputed companies/ Institutions, who are drawing their salary through accounts maintained with the branches. OR Employer's of above categories agree for ‘check-off facility’

Professionally qualified Doctors viz. MBBS, BDS & above having an annual income of Rs.4.00 lakh & above.

Panjab National Bank

Amount of Loan: Punjab National Bank Personal Loan/Term Loan/ Overdraft:

  1. The minimum amount of loan will be Rs.50,000/-
  2. The maximum amount of loan Rs.4,00,000/-
  3. Or 20 times monthly net salary, whichever is lower, depending upon the repaying capacity.
  4. For salaried individuals:
  5. Rs 5,00,000/- for those Salaried persons having completed service of 3 years in the present organization & drawing a net monthly salary of nor less than Rs. 30,000/-


There are some features of PNB personal loan that are mentioned below.

  1. First of all, it is very easy to access. You can apply for a personal loan online in 2 minutes.
  2. Besides that, you can check your eligibility, interest rates and EMI’s online.
  3. You can calculate your EMI’s online on the online calculator.
  4. If you are eligible your loan will get approved in a few minutes.
  5. After the approval of your personal loan and the submission of the documents, your loan will be disbursed very quickly.
  6. The rates of interest in PNB personal loan are very affordable.
  7. The documentation process is very simple and easy. You just have to submit some basic documents.
  8. Applicant should be working at the current place for at least one year if he/ she is salaried.

Interest Rate

The interest rates provided by the PNB bank are very starts at 11.70% per annum.


  1. 2 passport sized colored photographs but the applicant should not be wearing the glasses in the photograph.
  2. After that one identity proof is required to get a personal loan. It can be an Aadhar card/ voter ID card/ PAN card/ driving licence/ passport.
  3. One residence proof is also required it can be anyone out of them.( Aadhar card/ voter ID card/ PAN card/ driving licence/ passport.)
  4. Utility bills or rental agreement can also be considered as the proof residence.
  5. Income proof is mandatory in case of PNB personal Loan. in case of salaried applicants it is the salary slip of last three months and in case of self-employed, it is ITR ( income tax report) of the last three years.

Who can’t apply?

  1. A person with bad credit history can’t apply. The CIBIL score is required to be at least 650.
  2. A person who gets his salary in cash can’t apply for a personal loan.
  3. An applicant whose age is less than 21 years can’t apply for a personal loan.

What is a CIBIL score?

A CIBIL score is a measure of your banking basically. If you have a credit card or if you ever had a credit card or loan then your CIBIL score gets generated and it checks how punctual you are towards your debts. It ranges in between 300 to 850 basically. If your CIBIL score is less than 650 you won’t be able to apply for a personal loan. because being an unsecured loan the lender checks your credit history before providing you the personal loan.

How to apply?

You can easily apply for a personal loan online in a few minutes. You can even check tour eligibility and the rates of interest online.

  1. visit www.dialabank.comon google.
  2. After that search for the PNB personal loan.
  3. Now fill the application form with your basic information.
  4. Don’t forget to enter your correct contact number.
  5. Now click on apply button.

Why Dialabank?

  1. Dialabank is the first financial helpline of India. There are no trust issues at all.
  2. The rates of interest are very attractive and affordable here.
  3. The customer’s queries response is very quick here. you will get a call back instantly after filling your application form.
  4. Dialabank provides its services all over India.
  5. Moreover, it doesn’t charge a rupee for the guidance.
  6. You will get a proper guidance from the experts.
  7. There is no need to go to the bank to submit the documents. if you apply on the you will get a free document pickup facility from your doorstep.





    BPLR system Base rate system
For Public Individuals whose salary is being disbursed through the branches as also those employees who are availing the loan under a check-off facility 13.00% BR+5.00%
For others 14.00% BR+6.00%
For Defence Personnel only Individuals whose salary is disbursed through branch 12.75% BR+4.75%
For others 13.75% 13.75%

* Above rates are subject to change without notice.*

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