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What is a CIF Number?

A CIF Number means Customer Identification Form or File Number. It is an electronic 11 digit number and it contains all the important information about a person and that is why it is also known as Customer Information File. It basically holds the identity proof, KYC and the DEMAT details over all the accounts maintained by a consumer in the bank.

A Customer Identification File serves the very purpose of holding all the necessary details of the customer that are required across different accounts in one place. This number is unique and non-trF

It also helps to reduce fraud, confusion and even mistakes pertaining to providing efficient services and reception to the customers. When either the account holder or the bank needs any information about the account, each of them can access it quickly and easily. This is why it is maintained with utmost secrecy. It is sometimes also used as a marketing tool as it offers new schemes and products and guides to the customer.

CIF Number: Meaning, Purpose, Ways To Obtain CIF Number

Features of A CIF Number

There are a lot of features of a CIF Number and some of them are mentioned below: –

  • It is sharable but only with some selective people, the account holder, nominees and the bank.
  • It can also be used by the account holders to get some information from passbooks, online portals, customer care and the manager of the bank if needed.
  • It contains sensitive and personal information as it holds trails of the One Time Passwords, identity documents, PAN details and account details of more than one account in that bank.
  • The banks can also access the number by decoding the 11 digits in a sequence to have an insight into the information of the account of any customer.
  • It is really helpful when verifying transactions and sanctioning loans.

Where can you find your CIF Number?

A person can easily find his CIF Number by following some steps either online or offline. The steps to be followed for both the modes are mentioned as under: –

Online Mode

You can find your Number online by the following options: –

Internet Banking: –

  • Firstly, log in to your internet banking.
  • Then, choose the +e-statement option.
  • Then, select the period for the same.
  • The summary page will display your CIF Number.

Mobile App: – You can easily find your  Number on the mobile apps of different banks.

Offline Mode

Cheque Book: – Your Number is printed on the first page of the chequebook.

Pass Book: – A CIF Number is printed on the first page of the passbook.

Customer Care: – You can contact the customer care of the bank and can ask about your CIF Number.

Bank Manager: – You can also contact the Bank Manager and ask for your CIF Number.

Is It Safe to Share Your CIF Number With Anyone?

It mainly depends on with whom you want to share your CIF Number. If you want to share your  Number with someone from the bank, it is safe. This is because the number is mainly used to avoid confusion and for transparent banking. There are a lot of other things in banking that should not be shared by anyone, not even with customer care. They should be held confidential.

They include account number, debit card number, OTP (One Time Password), PAN card number or the mobile number which is registered with your bank account.  It is an important part of your banking system. You should not share the details of your CIF Number with anyone as it records the trail of your account from the other accounts.

FAQs About A CIF Number

✅How do I find my CIF Number?

You can find your number easily on your e-statement and receive that, you have to send an SMS from your registered mobile number.

✅Where is the CIF Number in an ATM Card?

It is displayed next to your account number on your ATM Card.

✅Where is the CIF Number in a Passbook?

It is printed on the first page of the Pass Book above the account number.