Nai Roshni Scheme

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What Is Nai Roshni Scheme?

The Nai Roshni Scheme is a scheme initiated for the leadership development of minority women. It comes under the Ministry of Minority Affairs. It is basically a welfare scheme initiated by the Indian Government for the development of minority women to inculcate confidence and also to empower them by providing advanced techniques. The Nai Roshni Scheme is also spelt as Nayi Roshni Scheme. 

Nai Roshni Scheme

This scheme is one of the best schemes introduced by the Government of India so far, as the objective of this scheme is really helpful and is the need of the hour. This scheme literally encourages the females, belonging to the minority categories to come up and stand up on their own for their rights. This will also help to eradicate one of the main problems of our country, i.e. poverty. It will help the females to learn new skills and techniques and work on their own, without being dependant on anyone else.

Official Website
Launched In 2012
Launched By (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh
Provisions Leadership development of minority women
Ministry Ministry of Minority Affairs

What Are The Objectives Of The Nai Roshni Scheme?

The objectives of the scheme are mentioned below: 

  • Nai Roshni Scheme is a welfare scheme in order to empower minority women with basic techniques, tools and knowledge which will help them to interact with the banks and other institutions as well. 
  • This scheme was implemented through NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), Government institutions and civil societies.
  • The minority women can apply for the Nai Roshni Scheme as well
  • It also helps in fighting different types of social stigmas like poverty
  • Children and women are the worst sufferers of poverty
  • It also empowers the minority women in order to stand up for their rights and also helps them to grow economically

What Are The Training Modules Under The Nai Roshni Scheme?

The training modules under this scheme are mentioned below- 

  • Advocacy for Social and Behavioral Change
  • Digital Literacy
  • Educational Empowerment
  • Financial Systems
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Leadership of Women
  • Legal Rights to Women
  • Life Skills
  • Swachh Bharat

What Issues Does The Nai Roshni Scheme Resolve?

Following are the issues that are resolved by this Scheme: 

  • The introduction of this scheme is to encourage the females belonging to the minority to move out of the confines of their household. It further encourages them to accept the leadership roles and assert their rights.
  • This scheme also offers services and facilities that will be improving their skills and will also expose them to different kinds of opportunities.
  • The scheme also allows them to claim the share of the development which is provided by the Indian Government. It will also improve their living conditions.

What Are The Target Groups of The Nai Roshni Scheme?

The following are the target groups of the Scheme: – 

  • Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Zoroastrian (Parsi), Buddhist and Jain women who are notified under Section 2(c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992
  • In order to bring solidarity and unity and to increase the strength of the mosaic of plurality in the society, the Nai Roshni Scheme also permits a mix of women from the non-minority community. They will be no more than 25%.
  • Efforts are to be made by the organization in order to encourage the women belonging to SC/ ST/OBC categories.

Nai Roshni Scheme FAQs

✅ How many minorities are there in the country?

The Ministry of Minority Affairs has described the following communities as minorities in India:

  • Sikhs
  • Muslims
  • Christians
  • Zoroastrians
  • Jains
  • Buddhists

✅ What is the main objective of this Scheme?

The main objective of the scheme is to provide placements to rural youth.

✅ What is the issue resolved by this Scheme?

It focuses to encourage minority females to move outside their households and accept leadership roles.