Prathama Bank Car Loan Approval Process

Prathama Bank Car Loan Features

Prathama Bank Car Loan Approval Process

The Prathama Bank provides several financial services and products to its customers like saving deposits, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, car loans, personal loans, net banking, and many more. The Bank can provide you with the opportunity to sanction a car loan to purchase a New Car/Van/Jeep/Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) or Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) or an Old car/van/jeep/MUV/SUV, provided it is not older than three years.

The Prathama Bank Car Loan Approval Process is quite simple and quick. The bank provides customers with loans usually in a short while after sanctioning the loan. You can visit Dialabank to get further information about the Prathama Bank Car Loan.

Prathama Bank Car Loan Eligibility

Prathama Bank Car Loan Documents Required

Prathama Bank Car Loan Approval Process

The Prathama Bank Car Loan Approval Process is largely carried out offline. You can follow these steps to apply for a car loan at Prathama Bank :

  • Visit any branch of the bank.
  • Fill up the application form for the car loan and submit all the required documents correctly.
  • Have your eligibility confirmed by the bank representatives.
  • Discuss the terms of the loan and have the car loan approved by the bank.

Alternately, if you wish to carry out the Prathama Bank Car Loan Approval Process online, you can visit Dialabank for the best services. Fill up the form and our relationship managers will be in touch with you in a short time. You can also choose to directly call us at 9878981166 to avail of our services.

FAQs on Prathama Bank Car Loan Approval Process

✅ What if I can’t repay the Prathama Bank Car Loan on time?

If you cannot pay your Prathama Bank car loan amount, the bank will warn or notify you to repay the loan amount on time. If you continuously make a loan non-payment the bank will treat you as a defaulter and your vehicle can be mortgaged.

✅ How to get Prathama Bank Car Loan Statement?

Prathama Bank Car Loan Statement is readily available on the Bank’s website and can be availed by providing the Loan Details. Or you can visit the bank to get it personally.

✅ What is the minimum monthly income requirement to get a Prathama Bank Car Loan?

To get a car loan from Prathama Bank, you must have a minimum net monthly salary, pension or income of ₹ 20,000.