How To Pay Utkal Grameen Bank Gold Loan EMI Through Netbanking

Utkal Grameen Bank Gold Loan

If customers need money right away, you may now use your gold to get a Gold Loan ranging between Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 25,00,000.Utkal Grameen Bank Gold Loan EMI Netbanking Utkal Grameen Bank Loans offer same-day loan disbursement on gold loans. By approaching the neighbourhood Utkal Grameen Bank branch, one can request a Gold Loan and receive prompt approval. Learn much more about the advantages and disadvantages of Utkal Grameen Bank’s Loan. For any other queries related to the services other than loans connect with us on the dialabank webpage. Some features of the loan are:

  • There is a quick disbursement system in the bank
  • Gold of the customers will have a top-class security
  • The minimum amount will start from 25000 Rs and will incline according to the customers

Utkal Grameen Bank EMI Calculator


Gold Loan per gram
₹ 2,776 to ₹ 3,393
Eligible Age 18 to 75 years
Loan Amount Eligibility
₹ 1,000 to ₹ 2,00,00,000
Lowest Gold Loan Interest Rates 0.095


How To Apply For Gold Loan Using Utkal Grameen Bank Netbanking


How To Pay Utkal Grameen Bank Gold Loan EMI Through Netbanking

  • Users can pay their loan EMIs digitally by going to the Utkal Grameen Bank Bank’s online webpage.
  • One must first log in again and provide your account information.
  • Following logging in properly, you can choose the affordable loan account to cover the loan EMI using the Utkal Grameen Bank balances.
  • Then they just can pay the EMI amount
  • They can also use an automatic payment system as an alternative

FAQs on Utkal Grameen Bank Gold Loan EMI Through Netbanking

✅ How long will it take for my loan application to be processed?

The very next day! We establish profiles on the day we gain your application, including all relevant paperwork and expensive jewellery as protection.

✅ What factors go into calculating the interest on my Loan and Gold Overdraft?

For gold loans, we compute interest on an interest accrues basis, but for gold overdrafts, they calculate interest to peruse.

✅ How do you renew a gold loan? 

The procedure of renewing a loan is straightforward. When the loan term is ending, the consumer should go to the lender with all of their documentation and the current loan contract. The bank removes the gold from the vault and revalues it using a cost estimate. The borrower must then complete a renewal form and pay a 0.25% renewal charge. After that, the loan is in repetition.