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Utkal Grameen Bank

Utkal Grameen bank was founded on November 1, 2012, as a merger of the Rushikulya and Utkal RRBs. Rushikulya Bank had just 87 branches at the time of the amalgamation. However, it has now expanded to 442 units, 360 of which are in distant rural regions. In addition to its headquarters in Bolangir, the bank maintains regional offices in Sambalpur, Rayagada, Phulbani, Bolangir, Bargarh, Bhawanipatna, Jeypore, and Berhampur.

The bank now operates in 17 districts in Western and Southern Odisha, covering 63 per cent of the state’s geographical territory and 48 per cent of its total population.

Utkal Grameen bank

Utkal Grameen Bank Offerings

Utkal Grameen Bank offers various kinds of loans such as:

  • Car Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Home Loan

Utkal Grameen Bank offers various kinds of banking such as:

  • Net Banking
  • Customer Care
  • Balance Enquiry

Utkal Grameen Bank offers two kinds of Deposit Accounts such as:

  • Savings Account
  • Current Account

Utkal Grameen Bank Loans Offered

  • Car Loan- Utkal Grameen Bank offers fast auto loans for both new and old vehicles. There are several benefits if you are opting for a used automobile loan from Utkal Grameen Bank, including little documentation and quick loan disbursement. In addition, Utkal Grameen Bank offers loans for used vehicles at a low interest rate to customers to purchase their ideal car, whether new or old. This loan is widely available and may be obtained by anybody who qualifies.
  • Personal Loan– A personal loan is a loan that does not need collateral and is paid back in instalments throughout the loan term, which might be up to five years.
  • Gold Loan– A gold loan is a secured loan offered by banks at a low interest rate with various repayment alternatives. This loan is typically obtained in a financial emergency, a marriage, or for educational purposes. You must present gold jewellery as collateral; the bank will grant the loan in exchange. This loan amount is determined mainly by gold weight and purity. If a borrower chooses to check the loan status after applying for one, the bank offers borrowers the option of online and offline. Continue reading to learn more about Utkal Grameen Bank Gold Loan Status.
  • Home Loan- The Utkal Grameen Bank provides qualified Non-Resident Indian Borrowers with NRI house loans at a preferential interest rate that starts at 6.80 per cent. Women borrowers can take advantage of special interest rate reductions. With variable interest rates, there are no prepayment penalties.

Utkal Grameen Bank Gold Loan

Utkal Grameen Bank is a Bangladeshi microfinance institution. Gold Loan is the industry’s quickest growing money service. The majority of people have gold jewellery that is merely lying about in bank lockers or reception. Thus, a Loan Against Gold offers the opportunity to unlock the price of this rich yellow metal by simply taking out a gold loan against it.

India controls over 100 per cent of the world’s gold reserves because the vast majority of Indians own gold jewellery. Loan Against Gold is a service that allows people to borrow money against their gold jewellery. The process of obtaining a Gold Loan is simple.

Utkal Grameen Bank Personal Loan

  • When the lender approves your loan request, the bank will visit your job and house to validate the information you provided in the request form. In addition, salary deposits, bank statements, and any other activity, such as the deduction of EMI from your account, will be recorded.
  • Then follows the verification stage, in which the data you supplied to the bank are accepted. Finally, the KYC procedure is carried out here. For example, bank officials may contact you to get the necessary bank applications and paperwork.
  • When you have a credit score of 750 or higher, your loan will be approved immediately. The bank will then evaluate your credit score and trading history to date. Then, the IT results are scrutinised for the last step, which is loan approval.
  • The loan amount and tenure for the personal loan will be determined by the bank based on the following factors: yearly salary, credit score, age of the individual, pay increase, and years left in service.
  • Pay the processing costs after your loan has been approved. In addition, the loan amount is applied to your account.

Utkal Grameen Bank Car Loan

Utkal Grameen Bank offers an online vehicle loan application form. Car Loan Login is as simple as a few mouse clicks. An automobile is a must-have for the ease and comfort of moving from one location to another. You want to acquire a new automobile model but don’t have the finances to do so! You might benefit from a car loan. Applying for a vehicle loan is now simple, quick, and paperless.

  • When compared to a new automobile loan, the amount of the loan may be less. As a result, your monthly EMIs will be minimal.
  • Long payback period.
  • Certain banks and NBFCs provide up to 100 per cent funding.
  • The loan application process is straightforward and may be done online.
  • When compared to a new automobile, the insurance expenses and depreciation rates are cheaper.
  • There is only a small amount of documentation that must be filed.
  • Certain banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFCs) provide variable payback periods.

Utkal Grameen Bank Home Loan

  • Utkal Grameen Bank provides affordable home loans to qualified NRIs, PIOs, and OCIs.
  • To service your loan, you can select from a variety of interest rates. Floating rates, fixed interest rates, interest-only mortgages, and payment option ARMs are available.
  • Build a new home on a parcel of land allocated by development authorities.
  • You can utilise the approved loan amount against your mortgage for both commercial and personal purposes.
  • The financing company also gives information about possible real estate developments, locations and offers to assist you in making the best house purchase option for you.

Utkal Grameen Bank Credit Card

Utkal Grameen Bank Credit Card Bill Payment may be made in various ways, and it can be done fast and efficiently. A credit card is a card issued by a financial institution and is an ideal way to obtain a credit card. It aids in large-ticket purchases, collects reward points, collects cashbacks, boosts credit score, ATM cash withdrawal with 0% interest, fraud protection, and so forth. We may also utilise credit cards for overseas transactions.

Utkal Grameen Bank Net Banking

Netbanking or online banking is a digital platform that allows you to access your bank account, transfer cash from your account to any other account via RTGS/NEFT/IMPS, book FDs or RDs, invest in mutual funds, and so on, all from the comfort of your own home.

Utkal Grameen Bank Customer Care Number

Bargarh 06646-246875
Berhampur 9438493001
Bhawanipatna 06670-234015
Bolangir 9438493002
Jeypore 9438493009
Phulbani 06842-256079
Rayagada 9438493005
Sambalpur 9438493008
contact centre 06652  232285
(ATM) 1800 532 7444
(ATM) 1800 123 7444

Utkal Grameen Bank Customer Complaints

Utkal Grameen Bank provides a 24×7 Customer Care service to help you with any questions, concerns, complaints, or feedback. In addition, you can visit the FAQ section to see if it might clear up any confusion. If not, you may call the bank at the number below or write to them with your question and contact information; the bank will generally respond soon.

How to Open a Savings Account in Utkal Grameen Bank

To create a Savings Account with Utkal Grameen Bank, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to a Utkal Grameen Bank branch in person.

Step 2: Fill out the Savings Account Account Opening Form (AOF).

Step 3: Attach any needed (mandatory) papers to the Account Opening Form (AOF)

Step 4: Verification of the Account Opening Form (AOF) and Other Documents by the Banker

Step 5: Make a minimum contribution to your Savings Account following your Savings Account’s criteria.

Step 6: Obtain a chequebook, passbook, debit card, and other papers from the bank.

How to Open a Current Account in Utkal Grameen Bank

To create a current account with Utkal Grameen Bank, you must first complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the bank branch.

Step 2: Fill out an Account Opening Form (AOF) for a Current Account

Step 3: Attach any needed (mandatory) papers to the AOF.

Step 4: AOF and other papers are verified by a banker.

Step 5: Make a little deposit into your account.

Step 6: Go to the bank and get a cheque book, a passbook, and any other documentation you need.

Utkal Grameen Bank FAQs

Is Utkal Grameen Bank a government-owned institution?

State Bank of India sponsors the bank equally owned by the Government of India, the Government of Odisha, and SBI.
It is owned by the Government of India’s Ministry of Finance. The bank’s shareholders are the Government of India (50 per cent), State Bank of India (35 per cent), and the Government of Odisha (15 per cent).

How do I check the amount of my Utkal Grameen Bank account?

The Utkal Grameen Balance Enquiry Service is available throughout the day. Customers may make requests at any time and from any location using their registered cellphone number. Send a missed call from your registered mobile phone to: 06652232285 to receive an SMS with your account balance right away.

How can I apply for a job at Utkal Grameen Bank?

Apply at a local Utkal Grameen Bank Loan Branch. You can also contact 9878981166.