Car Loans

Do not hesitate from buying the car of your dreams now. Car Loans brings you the best solution to all your financial issues. With Car Loans, you will have the opportunity to buy the car of your own choice on Monthly Installments rather than paying the full payment. All you have to do is choose the right deal which fits for you in every way.

Car Loans

  • Whichever car you choose on a loan basis will be registered under the bank’s name until instalments are repaid. Hence it is an obligation to be up to date with the instalment payments. If you skip the payment of any of the EMIs, this record automatically gets updated on the CIBIL record.
  • The candidate does not receive 100% finance from the loan amount. The candidate receives 80% – 85% depending upon different Banks requirement. For further processing you first have to pay a down payment; down payment is that 15% – 20% amount of money that the candidate pays by himself.
  • CIBIL Score is of utmost significance and it needs to be kept in mind.

What is CIBIL Score?

CIBIL is CREDIT INFORMATION BUREAU (INDIA) LIMITED. CIBIL is referred to as the database, collected from all the Banks and Financial Institutions in India. CIBIL database consists of more than 17 Crore consumer records. It keeps a record of your entire financial records.

For Instance: What kind of reputation you possess in terms of acquiring previous loans and credit cards? So, if you have a bad record, Bank will deny your request for approving the loan. So for taking any kind of loan, your CIBIL score should be Healthy and Strong. So you shall always be sensible in terms of finance.

  • Loan Tenure in terms of Car Loans can be 1 to 7 years depending upon different banks’ policies or requirements.
  • If you have any queries or want to apply for a car loan, visit DialaBank to get personalized assistance.

Major banks providing Car Loans in India are:

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